Why AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club is so perfect

In just over a month, AEW’s Blackpool Combat Club has become one of the most popular and intriguing activities in AEW and perhaps the company. It’s the kind of light in a bottle you can’t make. Not only does it have among its members two of the most popular veterans and young talents – Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson and Wheeler Yuta. But there’s a lot of logic behind the band’s formation story.

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When you add probably the most respected agent/talent scout of the last twenty years at Regal, who has ties to Mox and Dragon and you have the makings of a very dangerous unit. You also have the makings of what so far has been a perfect story told.

The technician

There’s rarely a wrestling fan in the world who doesn’t think American dragoon Bryan Danielson isn’t the best wrestler in the world. Since coming to AEW, he’s had all kinds of marquee matches with everyone. Rookies and longtime veterans who haven’t been exposed to Danielson are instantly bettered just by being in the ring with him. He eventually started looking more and more at his former WWE brothers, Jon Moxley, and instead of wanting to fight him, he wanted the pair to join forces and do something a purist like Jim Cornette could definitely want. do and rid AEW of all. clowns on the list. He even cited future partner Wheeler Yuta as a guy who could be great if he wasn’t hanging out with idiots like Danhausen.

the brawler

A lot of great old school teams had a master technician and a guy who could beat you to the mat but would also rather bite your face off to clean your head off. That’s where Jon Moxley comes in. Prior to his WWE run, he spent years honing his craft as a Death Match wrestler.

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But he also has that level of “folk hero” among fans – he currently can’t be wrong and the unique partnership with Danielson not only turned The Dragon into babyface, but their match at Revolution was an instant classic and filled a scenario. period – Mox wasn’t going to line up with someone he didn’t bleed with. William Regal’s appearance at the end of their war, despite being released by WWE, was always a welcome shock to the system.

The future

From the moment Danielson mentioned several AEW superstars by name, the idea of ​​him and Mox not only taking over AEW, but forging its future was enthralling to see which star would be first on their radar. Wheeler Yuta was more than happy to answer the call. Yes, Mox and Dragon both made mincemeat with the rookie, but when the smoke cleared he had earned their respect and the respect of William Regal, earning his way into the Forged Blackpool Combat Club. While it remains to be seen how great a star Yuta will be, when you’re taught by three amazing veterans, you better get great or go. So far Yuta has held its end of the bargain and is a great fusion of Mox and Danielson.

So far, Blackpool Combat Club have been nothing but electric in the ring thanks to the elite skill level of all parties involved. It had been a long time since all members of a stable had been as beloved as this trio and their leader, William Regal. The foreground storyline and backstory between the three veterans has only helped to shape The BCC.

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Regal waged war on both Danielson and Moxley. He also contributed to their training. Everything he said in his promo after Revolution was true. All three undoubtedly contribute to bringing Yuta to their level – what many old-school veterans would say a stable. Most stables are created to help build new stars – multiple rosters from Horsemen, DX, The Nation, Evolution, and Mox’s old shield. They have all helped not only to create stars, but also to raise top stars in the process. Tony Khan sometimes takes heart for his style of fan service booking, but Blackpool Combat Club’s fan service booking has been logical and perfect so far.

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