Watch: Water gushing from the ground floods homes in Blackburn

Residents of Blackburn were ‘drowned in worry’ after a burst pipe blasted water into the air yesterday.

Footage taken by a resident showed gallons of water gushing from the road on Woodstock Crescent.

People living near Woodstock Crescent, Beechwood Drive and Whitney Avenue reported the leak to United Utilities after their gardens and homes were doused with water.

It has since been confirmed that the leak was due to a burst pipe.

United Utilities were dispatched to repair the road and repair the pipe yesterday (August 30).

The incident comes after several water main bursts in Blackburn over the past few months.

An annoyed resident said: ‘We’re wondering why there’s no water in Blackburn – they better not ban hosepipes as it’s the second in two weeks.

Livesey with Pleasington Cllr Derek James Hardman said: “We had all these new houses built and Livesey Branch Road which is above the new houses has been closed for infrastructure.

“The problem is that we have all these new houses and not enough infrastructure. Infrastructure must come before homes, not the other way around.

“The council and utility companies have not planned to put in place proper infrastructure before building the houses and the system cannot cope.

“And that’s what happens.”

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