WATCH: A motorist drives along a footpath on Blackpool Road

A video has emerged of a “confused” driver mistaking a sidewalk for a road.

Philip Greenwood, from Leyland, was traveling along Blackpool Road when he spotted the motorist taking the footpath instead of the road.

He said, “Someone’s a little confused about where to drive in the cones, so use the trail.”

Since posting the video earlier this week, it has been shared widely, garnering hundreds of comments.

“It’s one of the workers who is finishing his shift,” jokes one person.

Another said: “Just kidding but also, we share the roads with these donkeys. In fact, it’s an insult to donkeys.

“Amazing,” said another. “There’s always one.”

Another said: ‘How did they even get in there? I pass by there a few times a week and wouldn’t be happy to be greeted with this coming the opposite way.

“They have to go to Specsavers,” said another.

Other reviewers have mentioned how dangerous it could have been.

They said: ‘So many people driving on this stretch of road is very dangerous, the give way sign is for cars coming in from the docks…why or how people misunderstand that is beyond me.

“As for this muppet, they need their license revoked, a serious miss accident.”

“I’m not even shocked,” said another, “the number of absolute lunatics among us who drive is shocking and scary.”

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