TN Senator Marsha Blackburn unearthed a dastardly plot to pack SCOTUS…with Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Senator Marsha Blackburn has an active fantasy life. And not just on Twitter!

Hmmm, okay.*

The Tennessee Republican gave an EXCLUSIVE interview to the Daily Caller yesterday. The senator was, as usual, uninhibited by objective facts and/or reality. His theory appears to be that Democrats will rush Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court in an attempt to save Roe vs. Wade of Judge Alito’s monstrous opinion, which leaked to Politico Monday night.

“In April [President Biden] signed the commission papers nominating her to the court. And I think it’s going to be interesting to see if the left starts pushing Judge Roberts to sit Judge Jackson down because they’re trying to tip the scales of the court. They are trying to fill the field. They’re trying to make the pitch bigger,” Blackburn said.

Leaving aside for the moment the fact that Chief Justice Roberts seems ready to spoil the quarterly framework established in Caseyeffectively evoking deer, which would still make it a 6-4 decision. Mathematics is the less problems here.

“There is a framework in place that should prevent this from happening. But what we need to be aware of is that Democrats are taking unprecedented action,” Blackburn continued. “And when you look at what’s happened, when you have Chuck Schumer trying to intimidate or threaten or silence the court and undermine its legitimacy, that’s something that is concerning.”

Lo and behold, lightning didn’t strike her on the spot for claiming Mitch McConnell didn’t hold Justice Scalia’s seat open for an entire year and threatening to permanently cut the court if Hillary Clinton won in 2016. .

Let’s be clear here, if the shoe was on the other foot, Republicans would do exactly what Blackburn suggests and calls it Kamala’s rule. But that will never happen under this President and this Congress, as this member of the Senate Judiciary Committee knows very well. That won’t stop him from fearmongering about nefarious Democrats who assault the court saying that an opinion that rejects 50 years of precedent is complete bullshit.

“This week he (Schumer) has been actively trying to undermine the legitimacy of the court and his ‘everything on the table’ commentary. I just think it’s smart for us to be watchful and vigilant,” he said. she intoned ominously, before deliberately distorting opinion.

“I think it’s important to note that this is not something that would ban abortion. I was surprised that so many left-wing activists referenced what they saw in Alito’s project and implied that this would be the end of abortion,” she said, as if banning abortion would do anything other than make it less effective. safe for poor women to get one. “But that’s wrong. That would be deferring the issue of abortion restrictions to the states.

Which is a fun way to talk about the reality that existing trigger laws and pre-deer statutes still in effect would make an abortion outright illegal from conception or beyond the first trimester for about half of women in America. And that’s not a popular position in a country where roughly 60% of the population supports the right to access legal abortion in at least some circumstances. So Marsha Blackburn conveniently moved the goal posts, signaling that her party — which hasn’t won a majority in a presidential election since 2004 and routinely controls Congress despite getting fewer votes than the Democrats — has organized a conservative takeover of the courts promising to do just that.

But it’s the Democrats who are threatening the Court’s legitimacy, aren’t they?

*Yes, there are stories of drug cartels using TikTok to attract Mexican children in a life of crime. There are also stories of Facebook paying a Republican PR firm to plant stories about rival TikTok linking it to China. So do what you want with it.

EXCLUSIVE: Senator Blackburn warns Democrats could try to show up in court with Ketanji Brown Jackson before Breyer retires to try to save Roe v. wade [Daily Caller]

Elizabeth Dye lives in Baltimore where she writes on law and politics.

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