Tuesday’s Serie A match between Udinese and Salernitana turned into a farce as the away team were prevented from traveling by local health authorities but the league refused to postpone the game.

Three Salernitana players tested positive for the coronavirus before the game and, although they were prepared to travel, they were ordered not to do so.

The league, however, refused to postpone the match as the number of cases did not reach its threshold, meaning Udinese had to continue as if the match was going on knowing their opponents would not show up. .

Forty-five minutes after what was to be kick-off time, the referee officially called off the proceedings.

A message on the Serie A Twitter feed read: “The #UdineseSalernitana game did not take place because @ OfficialUSS1919 did not show up.”

The same scenario happened last year during a game between Juventus and Napoli. Juve initially won a 3-0 victory and Napoli scored a point after not attending the game, but the decision was overturned on appeal and the game reorganized.