Skelmersdale teenager stepped in to save homeless life after collapse

A West Lancs teenager has been praised after saving the life of a man who suddenly collapsed on the street.

Bradley Jacobsen, a schoolboy from Skelmersdale, was in Liverpool city center last week (April 21), when he rushed to rescue a sleeper in the street.

The 16-year-old was the only person to stop and help the man after he started having some sort of fit on Church Street.

The man stopped breathing shortly after Bradley went to help force the teenager into action.

He said: “I was in Liverpool shopping for clothes when I saw a homeless man who was having something like a fit.

“I went to see if he was okay and he was okay for a few minutes, then all of a sudden he stopped breathing and closed his eyes so I quickly called 999 and was told I had to start CPR.

“It’s something I’ve never done before and luckily he was saved. There were adults walking right by.

“He woke up afterwards, when the paramedics arrived, he had oxygen in his nose. Then I was just relieved that he was fine.

“It was a very scary experience for me.”

Bradley used his limited first aid knowledge to begin homeless CPR, something he had never done before.

But the man regained consciousness thanks to Bradley’s actions before paramedics from North West Ambulance arrived to take him to hospital.

Although Bradley has received praise on social media, the North West Ambulance Service has also praised his actions.

They urge everyone to take every opportunity to learn first aid training and basic life saving skills.

A North West Ambulance spokesperson told LancsLive: “An ambulance and rapid response vehicle witnessed an incident on Church Street in Liverpool city center on April 21 after one person fell ill.

“The patient was taken to Royal Liverpool University Hospital for treatment.

“We salute Bradley’s actions in calling 999 and providing immediate care to the man before the paramedics arrive.

“We also encourage everyone to learn CPR and other first aid techniques, as you never know if you might need to provide life-saving treatment to a family member, friend or even a stranger in case emergency.”

If you see someone who has passed out or seems not to be breathing, you can help them.

When calling an ambulance, now there are phone systems that can give basic life saving instructions, including advice on CPR.

You can also search for the nearest defibrillator which could be located in a phone booth, attached to a wall, or even in a nearby pub or restaurant.

Modern defibs contained automated voice systems that give you instructions for use.

For more information and the basic steps to saving lives you can visit the NHS website.

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