Seven things Lancashire doesn’t have, but many would like

Have you ever been to another town or village, impressed with the shops, facilities and restaurants they have and find yourself thinking, ‘I wish Lancashire had one’?

While Lancashire as a whole is blessed with some great places to eat, shop, and explore, there are still many of those places that have left or have simply never been donated to the county. Although none of them would be worth not living in Lancashire, of course.

Most of the main streets now bear the scars of the pandemic and there are empty stores that housed stores that we have lost in the past 18 months.

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While it is a bit of a stretch to expect a London style tube station, there is still a lot we could do in Lancashire.

Here is a list of a few things Lancashire could benefit from.

John lewis

With the closed Debenhams stores still vacant on the main streets, a hole in the shape of a department store now remains for the county.

John Lewis could prove to be a great replacement for saving the trip to Manchester or surfing online, especially at Christmas when all the gift lists start to pile up.

The store would definitely help bring more people back to Main Street.


For high-end purchases such as designer bags, clothes, shoes and perfumes, Lancashire could definitely call on a Selfridges nearby.

Like John Lewis, with Debenhams now gone, the closest place to get luxury makeup, clothes and shoes would be Manchester, so what better time to open a new designer store in the county than now?

Large shopping center

General view of the Intu Trafford Center.

While on the theme of luxury department stores, instead of individual stores, why not just have a Trafford Center type mall right on our doorstep.

Gone are the days of planning whole days just to travel to nearby towns for shopping in their major malls.

Days in the city would be forever changed with something like this packed with all kinds of shopping, amazing places to eat, and even built-in entertainment inside.

That being said, the counter would be that a huge shopping center in Lancashire would further damage the shopping streets. So maybe we could be careful what we want here.


An IKEA store

What’s not to love about an IKEA is really a great day sifting through tight aisles and looking at wonderfully original housewares.

Not only would this be a dream to have in Lancashire, but it would make buying furniture much easier and would prove to be a very practical addition.

Oh, and let’s not forget the famous IKEA kitchen.

Of course, our nearest IKEA is not a million miles away in Warrington, but having an apartment right in the heart of Lancashire would be a dream.

Five guys

Sure, we have a lot of amazing burger restaurants in Lancashire, but one more wouldn’t hurt, right?

Five Guys, are known for their American-style hamburger and fries which they say are cooked to perfection. The dinner style theme would also be a great lunch and dinner spot for friends and families and would be another fantastic place added to the county.



Known as a quality restaurant serving unique oriental cuisine, Wagamamas is a total hit among the big cities of the UK.

Popular among the younger generation, with strong ties to Lancashire universities, this would undoubtedly be a welcome addition to main streets across the county.

It’s the best of a bad bunch when it comes to big chain restaurants, however.

Cheaper transport

Stagecoach bus
Stagecoach bus

For those under 18 in London, buses are free, but unfortunately for young people in Lancashire, they are supposed to pay for every ride, whether it’s social trips or a trip to and from school.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find that many young people would jump at the chance to go to school for free instead of the weekly bus bills that pile up over the years.

What would you add to this list of things we wish Lancashire could have had?

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