Ryan Giggs ‘got into a fight with his girlfriend’ over ‘attractive’ TV sports presenter

Ryan Giggs says ‘nothing physical’ happened one night when his ex-partner claims he threw a bag with a laptop at his head.

Public relations manager Kate Greville, 38, claims the former Manchester United winger threw the bag at her, kicked her out of bed and threw her naked in the hallway of the Stafford Hotel in London in December 2019.

The couple had visited for their agent’s Christmas party, which included a mini-golf tournament, a trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and a visit to a nightclub.

A draw was held for the golf event and Giggs, 48, was paired with a sports presenter, who he described as an “attractive woman”, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Ms Greville was not happy, he said, and they swapped partners to play side by side.

The group of around 20 people moved to Winter Wonderland, where a table had been reserved inside a Bavarian beer garden tent.

Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs leaves Manchester Crown Court (Peter Byrne/PA)

Giggs said Ms Greville later accused him of flirting with the TV presenter he was paired with.

His lawyer Chris Daw QC asked: “Have you, on this occasion?”

Giggs replied, “No.

“I was at one end of the table talking to my agent and a few cricketers that I knew and at the other end was a group of girls who worked for the agency and the sports presenter that I mentioned.

“I thought we got along well. I said (to Kate): ‘Is everything okay?’ and she said “No, not really”, which surprised me.

“She just accused me of flirting with the girl, which I wasn’t. We were on opposite ends of the table.

“She said, ‘You kept looking at her. I was watching you. You were definitely flirting.

Giggs told jurors: ‘I was slightly embarrassed that we were arguing. I left alone. I walked to the club where we are going next. It was a long walk.

His colleagues arrived later as he sat in a booth facing the dance floor.

He said: “I was seated and had a clear view of Kate and one of the male sports presenters who were present.

Ryan Giggs testifiesGiggs testifying (Elizabeth Cook/PA)

“They were dancing together, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes.

” I could not believe it. I said to my agent, “I’m going”, I took a taxi and went back to the hotel.

Mr. Daw asked: “Has there been a confrontation in the club?”

Giggs replied: “I was tired. I didn’t want to get into an argument.

“I took a taxi back to Stafford, went to bed and fell asleep.”

He said after “about an hour” a concierge called to ask if he could let in a young woman who said she was staying in her room.

An argument ensued with Ms Greville in the room as she denied holding the man’s hand “in the middle of the dance floor in front of my friends and colleagues”, Giggs said.

He said: “Kate was then trying to get into bed and I said, ‘I’m not sleeping with you tonight’.

“There was a suite in the bedroom and I said, ‘You can sleep in the area where there’s a sofa’.”

Ryan Giggs when he was playingRyan Giggs when he was playing (PA)

Giggs said he threw a Louis Vuitton tote towards the bed.

He said: “Kate was always trying to get into bed. I was trying to push her into the living room. Then, pretty quickly, the argument died down and we both spent the night together.

Mr. Daw asked, “Did you do anything physical to her that night?”

Giggs said: “No, I didn’t.

“We were both quite drunk and fell asleep. In the morning we woke up and had sex.

The following day, Giggs was busy with television duties in west London while Ms Greville traveled to a wedding in Shropshire, the court heard.

The former Wales manager then returned to Manchester overnight and collected Ms Greville from the wedding the following morning.

He denied Ms Greville’s suggestion that he had volunteered to pick her up out of guilt.

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