Rossendale Council leadership receives training from Burnley College tutors

Rossendale Borough Council staff have received management training from “expert tutors” at Burnley College.

Tutors from the college facilitated proven training, management and professional development sessions with senior executives from Rossendale Borough Council.

Head of People Development Sarah Condren, who led the training, said: “Our training aims to maximize the potential of each manager within the board leadership team, as well as the team as a whole. . All of the participants are already experienced and successful, but are motivated to be even better – which is fun to work on and offers incredible development opportunities.

“This training gives them a true 360-degree view of how they work together, how they communicate and how they can take their working relationships to the highest possible level, for the benefit of the board and the communities they serve.

The training was also led by Sarah Crossley, Head of A Levels at the College, and Will Shepherd, Senior Lecturer and Management Guru, who has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands.

A recent training session also included Diane Burridge, Managing Director of Moneyline, who shared her own professional experience to bring the learning to life.

Rossendale Board CEO Neil Shaw said: “The Rossendale Board recognizes the importance of investing in our people to ensure the continued development of their skills so they can do their jobs to the best of their ability. .

“We hired Burnley College specifically to support the development of our business management team. Their support and contribution was creative, constructively stimulating and allowed us to grow as a team. We used their facilitation to better understand how we work as individuals and how we can improve as a management team. ”

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