‘Reckless parking’ on Nelson Street could block emergency vehicles

Bradley Ward Labor Councilor and Pendle County Deputy Mayor. Mohammad Sakib and County Coun. Mohammed Iqbal MBE, said the parking issues on Victory Close needed to be resolved urgently.

Com. Sakib said he was disappointed that despite years of lobbying by residents and councillors, the county council “did not seem interested in helping vulnerable and elderly residents”.

He added: ‘I call on the county council to act now because a breakdown will ultimately one day mean that an ambulance is unable to access the fence and it could be the difference between life and death. I will press for urgent action now.

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Careless parking in Victory Close, Nelson, has some residents worried

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County County Iqbal said he had worked with officers to agree a plan acceptable to residents, but believed senior officers and/or a cabinet member responsible for highways at the county council had rejected the proposal.

The former Pendle Council leader said the situation was so serious that someone could end up dying if nothing is done to remedy the situation.

He added: “I realize that residents are extremely concerned about vehicle owners parking at the bottom of the fence and blocking any large vehicles, including ambulances and fire trucks, from entering.

“They have to imagine for a minute how they would live with themselves if a resident died because emergency vehicles couldn’t reach the bungalow/apartment.”

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