Ranked: Blackburn Rovers’ 5 best managers just by looking at their winning percentages

Blackburn Rovers are a team that have had a lot of success in the past having played and won the Premier League.

In recent years Rovers have fallen down the leagues, but of late Blackburn seemed to have gradually rebuilt themselves and now find themselves in a position where they are ready to try and push for promotion to the top flight.

Following the departure of Tony Mowbray this summer due to the expiry of his contract, the club have appointed Jon Dahl Tomasson as their new manager.

Rovers have got off to a great start under their new boss and as things stand they are top of the league, two points clear of Burnley behind them.

With that in mind, here we’re looking at Blackburn’s top five managers based on their winning percentages and we’ve only included bosses who have overseen more than 15 games.

Thomas Mitchell – 48.29%

Thomas Mitchell was Blackburn Rovers’ first manager and was in charge from 1884 to 1896, overseeing 263 games in that time.

Mitchell had great success winning 127 of those games and in that time Rovers went on to win the FA Cup series as they won it under him in 1884, 1885, 1886, 1890 and 1891.

When it comes to silverware, he is the most successful manager Ewood Park has seen and he can certainly be given credit for helping Blackburn get off to a flying start.

Johnny Carey – 50.64%

Johnny Carey was in charge of Blackburn twice, but it was his first stint in 1953 and 1958 in which he coached 235 games, winning 119 of them.

In 1958 he was responsible for bringing Rovers to the Premier League, but it was then that he left the club to join Everton.

Carey had returned to work for Blackburn upstairs and taken over the reins as manager in 1970, but was less successful that time and after losing 17 of his 31 games he was sacked.

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Kenny Dalglish – 52.55%

Dalglish is someone who will always be fondly remembered at Ewood Park as he was in charge of the team from 1991 to 1995 overseeing 196 games.

He was the manager who took Blackburn to the Premier League in 1991-92 after his side beat Leicester City in the play-off final and it was their first return to the top since 1966.

It was under his reign that players like Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton were signed and he built up a brilliant team which he led to lift the Premier League trophy in the 1994-95 season.

In 1995 Dalglish became director of football at Ewood Park but left at the start of the 1996–97 season with the team struggling on the pitch.

Bob Crompton – 56.14%

Crompton is another boss who had two spells as manager at Ewood Park, the first from 1926 to 1931 when he led Rovers to FA Cup success.

However, here we are looking at his time from 1938 to 1941 when he oversaw 57 games this time around. Around this time, Rovers won the Second Division in 1938-39.

He was doing well as manager of the club but sadly he passed away after suffering a heart attack while Blackburn were playing at Burnley.

Crompton was the first person to be inducted into the club’s Hall of Fame in recognition of his efforts.

Jon Dahl Tomasson – 56.25%

Rovers fans will no doubt be delighted to see current club manager Tomasson, who qualifies for the list by one game, top of the list.

Currently, Blackburn have played 16 games this season and although their results have been somewhat inconsistent, Tomasson’s side have won nine of those games while losing the other seven.

With his club currently top of the Championship, it looks like the season could be promising for Rovers and Tomasson will no doubt be keen to retain his title at the top of the table.

There is still plenty of time left in the campaign, but it certainly looks promising that Blackburn may have secured the appointment this summer.

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