Neil Finn’s grandson ‘steals the show’ after joining Crowded House Glastonbury set

Rock band Crowded House were joined on stage by a young artist during their Glastonbury set – frontman Neil Finn’s grandson Buddy.

The newest rocker, whose name has been chanted by thousands of spectators, was invited by the 64-year-old to present I Got You and pinched a microphone to sing on the festival’s Pyramid stage on Friday.

Young Buddy was also held on the mic by his father, guitarist Liam Finn, to sing the 1991 single Weather With You.

Buddy rocked with his father and grandfather at Glastonbury (BBC/PA)

After a series of squeals to end the set, Buddy was applauded off stage and returned the support with a “Bye bye!” before stepping out alongside his grandfather, father and uncle Elroy, who was on drums.

He also showed off some dance moves alongside his grandfather, who joined British-American band Fleetwood Mac in 2018.

It’s not the first time Buddy has attended his family’s concerts, as he also ‘added some noise’ to a Crowded House show in Scarborough, North Yorkshire earlier this month.

Chas Frederick, who saw the band gig in Scarborough and is an avid Neil Finn fan, said it was “essentially Glastonbury” that Buddy played.

“It was three generations of Finns dancing on stage there and it was as typically Glastonbury as you could imagine – uncool, grumpy, magical,” the 48-year-old from Huddersfield told the agency. release PA.

Glastonbury Festival 2022
The young performer had his name sung by thousands on stage (BBC/PA)

Twitter users took to the platform to congratulate Buddy on his performance.

“(Glastonbury) may have already found their star, learned to love little Buddy, danced with Crowded House,” one wrote.

“Neil Finn (is) superb but little Buddy, son of a guitarist, stole him at the end,” said another.

Crowds will turn to Billie Eilish on Friday night as the Grammy-winning singer will make history when she takes to the Pyramid Stage as Glastonbury Festival’s youngest solo headliner.

The lineup scheduled for Friday’s stage also includes Sam Fender, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Rufus Wainwright and Wolf Alice.

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