MP for Burnley calls for more foreign criminals to be deported

An East Lancashire MP has condemned lawyers and MPs who blocked the deportation of 105 foreign criminals.

Burnley Tory backbench Antony Higginbotham intervened in a debate in the House of Commons after Home Secretary Tom Pursglove made a statement revealing a flight to Jamaica this week was intended to transport 112 foreign criminals with only seven on board after legal and political challenges.

The minister said the 112 had committed 127 offenses including rape of a minor, sexual assault against children, firearms offences, trafficking and importation of controlled drugs and other violent crimes such as actual bodily harm.

Mr Higginbotham told him: ‘I and my constituents in Burnley and Padiham are fed up with the Labor Party’s approach to this – standing on the side of murderers, pedophiles and rapists.

“What my constituents want to see is more deportations of these foreign criminals – more thefts. So may I urge you to organize more thefts and publicize them, so people know that we are on the side of the law-abiding majority and that the victims of these horrific crimes.

Mr Pursglove MP replied: “”I think it is entirely right and proper that the UK government should meet its legal obligations regarding the removal of foreign offenders from our country who have committed serious criminal acts which have destroyed our communities and withering communities like his in Burnley.

Speaking after the debate, Mr Higginbotham said: “‘I find it so infuriating that Labor MPs continue to support dangerous foreign criminals by using loopholes in the law to stop us getting them on the first flight. Luckily we are changing that, but it can’t come fast enough.”

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