Mobility scooters: free insurance and two-year warranties

Ableworld can provide peace of mind with free insurance and two-year warranties

A 2018 report from the National Audit Office found that the program provided “excellent service” and “remarkable levels of satisfaction”, but raised concerns about its “substantial cash surpluses” and very high executive rewards.

Ableworld can offer customers peace of mind and a number of options to help customers purchase their own scooter.

There are a number of factors to consider when buying a mobility scooter – and ableworld offers free insurance and some of the best warranties on the market on its new models.

There’s a lot to think about – so let the experts help you find the best model for you.

Customers should consider buying a new mobility scooter or a used scooter. If this is the customer’s first mobility scooter, they may wish to test drive a mobility scooter before committing to a purchase.

Ableworld rents mobility scooters and the cost of the rental can be deducted from the purchase price of a new scooter, so Ableworld customers can test the product thoroughly before making a purchase.

Used scooters are not always the cheapest choice, as new scooters can be very reasonably priced, and the cost of repairs and spare parts needed for used scooters can be surprisingly high. Like anything, if a mobility scooter is not maintained properly, there will be issues.

Ableworld rents mobility scooters and the cost of the rental can be deducted from the purchase price of a new scooter

The printed circuit board (PCB) is the brain of a mobility scooter and it can get wet if the scooter is not stored properly or if the user has driven through deep puddles. If the PCB is damaged it can be very expensive to replace and often the faults are intermittent so there will be a period of unreliability leading to the inevitable replacement of the PCB.

Batteries also play a key role with a mobility scooter, and it is important that the correct batteries are installed in the scooter and installed correctly. Batteries also need to be charged properly and will usually need to be replaced if the correct procedures have not been followed before.

Used scooters are not always the cheapest choice, as new scooters can be very reasonably priced

Mobility scooters also have recommended weight limits for users, so buyers should select a scooter based on their own weight; If you buy a used scooter from someone who was heavier than the limit on that model, it could lead to a wide range of problems, some of which could be potentially serious if the product is structurally damaged.

By purchasing a brand new mobility scooter from Ableworld, many of these worries and problems can be avoided, especially during the period when customers are getting used to using their new product.

All Ableworld scooters come with six months free insurance to protect customers from any unforeseen problems until they have had a chance to check if their scooter is covered by their home insurance policy.

Ableworld scooters start from £649 (excluding VAT which is rarely charged) and come with an industry leading two year warranty. All of this provides peace of mind that you won’t get from buying a used mobility scooter.

Ableworld is the UK’s No.1 mobility retailer and has many mobility scooters in store that can be tested before purchase.

Ableworld’s trained staff will explain the different differences between a starter scooter, which disassembles for easy transport in a car, or a road scooter with lights and high range. Customers can also test drive scooters with a range of extras, including suspension.

Additionally, Ableworld has engineers in store who are available to help service the scooters and provide free, regular battery testing and advice. Financing options are also available to help spread the cost of purchasing a mobility scooter, and Ableworld’s trained staff can confidentially process your application within minutes.

If you are also looking to buy your first mobility scooter, Ableworld rents them out and the money you spend to rent one can then be refunded when you buy a new scooter. This offer allows customers to test drive a scooter before committing to a purchase.

For full details of mobility scooters visit Ableworld at 130 Cherry Tree Road, Blackpool, FY4 4TH or tel 01253 335614 or see

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