Misery on the M6 ​​as two crashes cause havoc and miles of queues

Motorists on the M6 ​​this afternoon faced miles of traffic jams following two crashes.

The southbound M6 between Lancaster and Preston was closed in places, causing traffic jams that lasted for hours. At around 2.45pm today (Friday August 19) drivers were faced with a six mile queue from exit 32.

One of three lanes was closed for less than an hour from J32 on the M55 to J33 near Lancaster. Despite the temporary closure, residual traffic blocked most of the southbound route.

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Delays that started at 40 minutes were increased to an hour and 15 minutes moments before the usual rush hour. As commuter traffic began to join the freeway, traffic would have decreased.

Around 4:30 p.m., traffic monitoring website Inrix reported that the six miles of congestion was easing. The remaining queue of traffic was able to filter through all three lanes of the southbound M6.

However, less than 15 minutes later, reports of a second crash were made at a very similar location. Another accident occurred on the southbound M6 at J33 via the A6 near Lancaster.

Weekend and rush hour traffic was then halted for the second time. An additional 40 minute journey was added to the long queues that had already formed following the previous incident.

Motorists joining the route faced an even longer traffic backlog.

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