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washington d.c. – Tennesseans are feeling the negative effects of the highest rates of inflation we have seen in more than four decades. I hear from many east Tennessee farmers saying they have to raise the prices of their produce to stay afloat and the owners are struggling to make ends meet.

We need to focus on supporting the production of goods in America; become energy independent; and stop President Joe Biden’s spending spree, so we can start paying the cost of living again.

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I’m leading the charge to stop Joe Biden’s plan to waive intellectual property rights from vaccine makers. Without the power of free market innovation, we will lose any chance of successfully managing another global public health crisis. Remember former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed? This was American innovation at its best!

Tennessee National Laboratories are responsible for keeping America on the cutting edge. That’s why I’m working on bipartisan legislation to provide Oak Ridge scientists, engineers, and researchers with support to expand their workforce and foster economic development.

I’ve been fighting to make affordable, accessible, over-the-counter hearing aids a reality since I served in the United States House of Representatives. That’s why I’ve introduced legislation to pressure the FDA to finish the job we started nearly five years ago and that regulatory bureaucracy doesn’t stop the people of Tennessee from having access to the treatment they deserve.

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  • Another President Biden candidate, Nancy G. Abudu, has spent her career condoning political violence against conservatives, pushing for sanctuary cities and covering up blatant discrimination within her own left-wing organization. Click here to watch me lay out his radical agenda.
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