Marsha Blackburn Report: Christmas Special Edition

US SenateWashington DC – There is nothing more wonderful than a real Christmas in Tennessee!

This year, I hope you can celebrate the birth of our Savior surrounded by your family and friends.

The whole Blackburn family wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Conclusion of my visit to the 95 counties of Tennessee

Last week I wrapped up my annual 95 county tour where I met with community leaders from all counties in our great state. During these meetings, local leaders made it clear that President Joe Biden’s policies are failing in our state. If I could give our President a present for Christmas, it would be to allow him to listen to these candid conversations that I have had all year.

Parents, teachers and educators all quickly raised concerns about the negative impact of the administration’s COVID program on schools. In April, I hosted a panel discussion with school officials from western Tennessee, where they discussed how universal mandates made the basics of learning nearly impossible for some students. These challenges, coupled with technological barriers and logistical hurdles, have put teachers and administrators on edge.

Local leaders have also expressed growing concern over the Biden administration’s refusal to secure the southern border. Hamilton County officials are still reeling from the administration’s trafficking of minors in Chattanooga. The community has not been made aware of President Biden’s plan and has not had time to ensure the safety of these young children. As a result of my discussions, I sent a letter to the White House requesting more information and presenting the Migrant Resettlement Transparency Act with Senator Bill Hagerty and Congressman Chuck Fleischmann to demand that the administration coordinates with the local authorities.

Lockdown warrants and border security weren’t the only difficult issues brought to the fore at those meetings. In September, I met with leaders at the International Port of Memphis. The failure of the Biden administration to prioritize resuming the supply chain has slowed trade and raised prices for south-central consumers. Following our meeting, I presented legislation to benefit the port and make supply chains more efficient and transparent.

My county tours have unveiled a fascinating story about the importance of strong local leadership. In August, I learned about the services provided at the new Sullivan County Town Hall and discussed how best to advocate for the growing interests of Kingsport small businesses. The commitment of Haywood County leaders to attract investment led to a landmark announcement this year from Ford Motor Company: Tennessee!

In 2021, we honored a legacy of strong community ties. The people of Tennessee who live in Madison County honored their bicentennial and in Jonesborough we celebrated 225 years of independence. Across the state, local leaders and volunteers have come together to honor our traditions, celebrate our successes, and share their vision for the future. Through their hard work, they reminded us that the future of our country will not be decided in Washington, DC, but in the meetings and conversations held in small towns in every state across the country.

This year, as I gather with my family to thank Christmas blessings and the promise of a New Year, I will not be praying for renewed White House commitments. If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that Joe Biden won’t change his agenda to help states like Tennessee thrive. Instead, I will pray for the educators, small business owners, volunteers, and local leaders who fight for Tennessee every day.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, a happy end to the holiday season and a blessed New Year.

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