Maguire more focused on Blackpool than on Liverpool

Sean Maguire grew up as a Liverpool fan, but the Republic of Ireland forward says he’s more excited about Preston’s clash against Blackpool than their Carabao Cup showdown with Jurgen Klopp’s Reds.

Maguire rose from the bench to help tack the Lilywhites past Cheltenham in the third round earlier this week and set up a meeting with the Premier League giants.

The match takes place on October 27 – four days after Preston’s West Lancashire derby against Blackpool at Bloomfield Road, a match Maguire admits means more to him than any other.

“I noticed the Liverpool game is right after the Blackpool game and as a Liverpool fan you are looking forward to it”, he told the Lancashire Post.

“Most of my family and friends are Liverpool fans too, so everyone messaged me all last night asking for tickets and that. It’s exciting.

“But I’m going to tell them to book to come on Friday night because since I’ve been at Preston everyone associated with the club has been talking about the Blackpool games.

“I’ll be looking forward to the Liverpool one more, although I’m a Liverpool fan, but it’s great to get this draw.”

Preston is currently 16th in the Championship standings having won just two of his first eight games. A swing against the Merseysiders in the Cup will be some relief from the league’s routine, and Maguire admitted the hype is already building.

“We have a lot of Scousers on our team so I imagine there are a good handful [of other Liverpool fans].

“Everyone will be looking forward to it, these games don’t come back too often, so you have to enjoy it.

“You can’t pick and choose and I’ve never played at Anfield before, but a packed house in Deepdale, under the lights, a full ending probably too, maybe on TV, that doesn’t come up often in your life.

“For me, growing up as a young Irishman and supporting Liverpool, most of the kids when I was young would grow up supporting them, Man United and even Leeds.

“Since I started playing football here, it’s not that you’re losing interest, but you’re not that much of a fan anymore.”

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