Liz Truss ready to attend French president’s European club meeting

Liz Truss is set to attend a meeting of the European Political Community, after days of weighing in on whether to attend the Prague summit.

The PA news agency understands that the Prime Minister wanted to attend because energy and migration, both on the agenda of the meeting, are two of her priorities and she sees the need to work with other European leaders to solve the problems.

The decision to attend the group’s meeting – French President Emmanuel Macron’s plan to bring together EU nations and countries outside the bloc – will raise eyebrows given Ms Truss’s explicit skepticism of the plan only a few months ago as Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The meeting will take place in early October and the decision to attend comes as the PM faces political and economic turmoil at home after Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget spooked markets and shocked mainstream economists at about his £45billion in tax cuts.

Number 10 has been reported to have debated whether he should attend the meeting in recent weeks, with European Union Ambassador Joao Vale de Almeida enjoying an appearance at a meeting on the sidelines of the Labor Party conference in Liverpool to urge Ms Truss to attend.

The Politico news site, which first reported Ms Truss’ planned attendance, also said she was open to hosting the political group’s next summit in London.

The decision to attend comes as the EU and UK are still deadlocked over the Northern Ireland protocol, with the government’s plan to tear up post-Brexit deals in the region causing major unease between London and Brussels.

Ms Truss is seeking to build relationships with European leaders including European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Mr Macron after meeting the couple at a United Nations summit in New York.

It comes after Ms Truss courted controversy in the Tory leadership race by responding ‘the jury is out’ on whether Mr Macron was ‘friend or foe’.

As foreign minister in June, she also said she had not “bought” a Europe-wide political community.

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