Leeds Crown Court: Jail for violent thug who stomped on his ex-girlfriend’s head in front of horrified onlookers in Thornes Park, Wakefield

Adrian Blackburn, 38, followed his victim to the park and stomped on his head, before threatening to burn down his home and family in a text message.

During a sentencing hearing at Leeds Crown Court, Blackburn, of Lower Warrengate, Wakefield, got angry shouting at his legal representative to ‘do his fucking job’.

Blackburn’s solicitor had insisted his client was reflecting on his behavior and had discovered a new passion for art. But that didn’t deter the judge from handing him a 20-month prison sentence.

Blackburn was sentenced to 20 months in prison.

The court heard how Blackburn had been in a relationship with the victim since 2017 before the two split earlier this year. On June 2, Blackburn texted the victim, asking her to spend the day with him. Later, he showed up at the tanning salon the victim was visiting and waited for her outside.

Wanting to stay in a public place for fear of what Blackburn might do, the victim then boarded a bus for Thornes Park, where he was followed by Blackburn.

Once there, the victim told him that if he did not leave her alone, she would call the police. Blackburn then grabbed her purse and ran away, before coming back to throw her to the ground and kick her over the head.

The assault stopped when Blackburn was shouted at by two nearby teenagers.

The court heard that Blackburn later texted the victim warning him not to speak to the police, adding: “You don’t like it, do you? Your house and your family are on fire”.

Blackburn was arrested that day on a bus between Ossett and Dewsbury.

During the arraignment, Blackburn, who was appearing via video link from jail, appeared visibly agitated and attempted to halt the proceedings. At one point, the court clerk told him to quit smoking his vape pen.

The judge told him that he would have the chance to have his side heard during the mitigation section.

Blackburn replied, “I can’t be a **** with all this, man – I want my goddamn lawyer to do his job.”

Blackburn had previously pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order, stalking and assault.

Mitigating for Blackburn, Andrew Stranex said: “He accepted that his offensive behavior mattered.

“While incarcerated, he has taken further courses and continues to address his criminal behavior.”

Mr Stranex added that Blackburn had recently discovered he was a gifted artist and was “enthusiastic” creating new work while on remand.

He added: “[My client] has a real talent – he now devotes a lot of time and effort to his skills.

Sentencing Blackburn, recorder Tony Watkin said: ‘There is a high risk that you will re-offend.

“It was a stamp on the head. She thought that if you hadn’t been prevented from committing the offense, she would have died.

“You also have a history of disobeying court orders.”

He sentenced Blackburn to 20 months in prison and a 10-year restraining order.

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