Lee Moriarty thinks fighting Blackpool Combat Club will help his career more than joining them

AEW star Lee Moriarty recently joined MuscleMan Malcolm Show to discuss a wide range of topics, including his thoughts on one of the company’s main factions, the Blackpool Combat Club, and why he thinks he’ll excel more at the promotion if he fights them rather than to join them. Highlights of the interview are below.

Thinks he’ll improve fighting Blackpool Combat Club rather than joining them:

“The way I look at AEW groups is I’m going to do what’s best for my career. I understand that everyone wants me to join the Blackpool Combat Club since Danielson said my name, and I understand that my style of wrestling would suit them well. But I like the idea of ​​growing up fighting them. You can’t improve if you only team up with these people, you can only get to a certain place if you don’t fight the best, in my opinion we can’t go any further.

Name Wheeler Yuta as a prime example:

“[Wheeler] Yuta is a prime example. He fought these guys many times. He fought Jon Moxley 3 times I think before he joined the band, and you saw how he progressed before he got there. I only had the chance to get in the ring with Danielson twice. Moxley once. Yuta, once in AEW. I have a lot more room for improvement before joining them, but that’s not my priority. My priority is to improve myself.

(H/T and transcribed by Fighter)

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