Lancashire Fire gives advice to locals after series of fires in Oswaldtwistle

The Stone Bridge Lane fire in Oswaldtwistle on June 3 (copyright: Ebonie-Paige Taylor).

The Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has given advice to residents after several fires in abandoned buildings.

It follows a fire at Stone Bridge Lane in Oswaldtwistle, Accrington, Lancashire on Thursday 3 June.

Five fire engines were called in to deal with the blaze, which spread from debris to a building.

Onlookers described the fire as having spread to the abandoned Stonebridge Mill; a location that has already been affected by fire damage.

A spokesman for the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said the blaze was the last of several derelict buildings in the area.

Now they have given advice, such as installing CCTV and keeping doors and windows tightly closed, to prevent further fires.

A spokesman for the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said: ‘Unfortunately abandoned buildings are often at risk of fire.

“Often this is due to arson, but it can also be caused by accidental ignition.

“We recommend building owners to invest in high quality security, especially at points of entry.

“Especially on abandoned buildings, doors and windows should be securely closed and checked regularly.

“Video surveillance can also help, both as a visible deterrent and to provide evidence if incidents do occur. “

A spokesperson for Hyndburn City Council also commented on the recent fire at Stone Bridge Lane.

They said: “Officers met with relevant stakeholders and emergency services on site and provided advice on security issues.

“An additional consultation after the fire was undertaken on the need for the building to be secure and not present an additional risk to people. “

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