Lancashire company Barnfield gets a new look

A large Lancashire company received a whole new look for the first time in over 30 years.

Barnfield, established in 1976, has always been a developer, but is best known in the industry as a prime contractor.

And now, it is hoped that the results of a brand renewal project will help focus attention on the business development arm – alongside other specialties.

Barnfield is based in Nelson and works on projects across the country.

Tim Webber, President and CEO of The Barnfield Group, said: “Unless you have partnered with us, many people in the industry would tend to see us as just entrepreneurs, when in fact. , we are much more diverse.

“We have acted as the lead developer on a number of major projects in the Northwest over the past 45 years with public and private sector partners, and as a full developer.

“The fact that we are also experienced and successful prime contractors often means that we can make a lot of projects work, where other developers or dedicated contractors cannot due to low end values.

“As a company, we are an extremely hardworking team and tend to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in our projects. We are often guilty of being quite modest when it comes to getting the recognition our projects deserve. ”

Preston-based public relations and marketing communications agency Freshfield was chosen to carry out the rebranding.

Gareth Edwards, Head of Design at Freshfield, said: “Throughout its history, Barnfield’s work has had a profound impact on neighborhoods, communities, local economies and life. They are a team that strives to make a difference and we are delighted to be working in partnership with them.

“This branding project was about evolution, not revolution. By refreshing the colors, typography and recreating the icon of its brand, we have simplified and modernized the identity while retaining some of its original features. This was important given how much Barnfield executives value long-term relationships and its history.

The group’s net worth is now £ 30million to include cash balances of £ 9million ready to invest in new development opportunities during this year.

The order book for 2021 is currently around £ 80million, of which £ 70million comes from work already started on site.

Barnfield employs approximately 170 people and offers most aspects of construction and civil engineering work for its multidisciplinary team. The Group is present throughout the country, offering more than 1.7 million square feet of development. This includes mixed-use programs in the retail, commercial, industrial and healthcare sectors and a variety of residential sites for its public and private sector partners, as well as the Barnfield Homes brand.

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