‘Is this what we want?’ – Tony Mowbray on social media and Blackburn Rovers reviews

Blackburn Rovers manager Tony Mowbray has spoken at length about the criticism on social media and the support he believes his players need.

His side were beaten 0-7 at home to Fulham in midweek – a record-breaking home loss for Rovers as a club football.

Mowbray has just a few days to recover his players on the canvas and prepare them for the challenge of playing Sheffield United at home this weekend.

The Blades don’t know Fulham’s level of success this season, but have stepped down from the Premier League in 2020/21 nonetheless and have a very experienced squad.

Ahead of the game, Mowbray was asked how important calm heads are, given the Rovers could once again be in the top six at 5pm on Saturday.

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“That’s what I’m trying to tell the players,” he said. LancsLive. “I don’t watch it, I’ve never seen it and I don’t really know the standard, but what do social media do if we win 2-0 tomorrow and come fifth in the table?

“What are these people doing that have been really negative and mean, what are they doing? Do they go away? I don’t know, or is it just until the next bad result and they start again.

“Is this what we want to support our club? I don’t know. I just want people who care about the players, who want the autographs of the players on their way.

“Don’t just stand there and tell them they’re not very good, shake their beliefs and their confidence before you even kick a ball.

“You need a collective group, a team. If you support a team in Ligue 2 and accept and understand that this is where you are, you don’t have a lot of fans, maybe 1,500 every week, but you are proud to support your team.

“You know some weeks you can get to the top of the league and be beaten 5-0, but you still love these players when they get off the bus and cheer them on, follow them, support them because it’s your club. and your team.

“Blackburn Rovers right now, we’re not at the top of the league, we don’t have Alan Shearer – the all-time Premier League top scorer – playing for our squad.

“We are where we are; support your team. Personally, I find it really hard to understand the negativity and drivel that people have to talk about.

“I would gladly step down if I felt there was a guy sitting there waiting, who could take this club to the top of the Premier League and get promoted this season with this group of players.

“Five years (here is) to come, I love the Blackburn Rovers, I will always follow them until the day I die and follow their results every Saturday, every Tuesday, watching how Blackburn is doing and hoping .

“You build an affinity with the people at the club, they care about the club and the players and I’m just keepers. The fans should support what they support in my opinion.

“I feel like I’m preaching to them and I shouldn’t be preaching; they probably don’t enjoy it and I’m probably going to get a lot of abuse for it, but the positive for me is that I won’t see this. abuse.

“I’m just going to try to get my team to work hard tomorrow and get them to face Sheffield United.”

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