Lancsycs Sun, 10 Oct 2021 04:30:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Lancsycs 32 32 Blackpool lights under dim lights leading to crime Sun, 10 Oct 2021 04:00:00 +0000

Blackpool may be famous for its Illuminations display – but the lighting in some of its side streets has been criticized for being too dim.

Now calls have been made for brighter street lighting as part of a £ 5million system upgrade.

City Councilor Gary Coleman said at a Tourism, Economy and Communities Review Committee meeting: “One of the main comments I hear is how low the street lights are at. Blackpool.

“With the savings from this system, can we turn on the lights? Better-lit streets will lead to less crime.

Councilor Gerard Walsh added: “I think the lights on the bus lines are at a high level, but on the side streets they are off.”

But Councilor Paula Burdess cautioned against turning street lights on too much in residential areas when people are trying to sleep.

She said: “We have to be mindful of crime, but at the same time, there are domestic properties where people want to sleep at night and spend night after day so that it doesn’t always have a constant light.

“So I think there is a balance that we have to find and I hope we can do it with this new light.”

Councilor Neal Brookes, a cabinet member for highways and transportation, said the new system would give the council more control over the brightness of street lights.

The council will borrow £ 4.8million for the program, which will be funded by savings expected to amount to £ 688,000 per year.

This will replace current sodium lamps with LEDs in street lights, traffic lights and bollards, traffic lights and crosswalks.

The transition, which will begin in 2022/23 and last about two years, will save energy in one year “equivalent to turning off lights for 34 years,” according to a council report.

It will also help the council in its drive to become carbon neutral by 2030 by reducing carbon emissions by eight percent.

The council could realize savings of more than £ 6million over the 20-year lifespan of the LEDs.

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Blackburn: unveiling of Barbara’s castle statue in pictures Sat, 09 Oct 2021 15:07:47 +0000 A selection of images show scenes from the official unveiling of the Barbara Castle statue in Jubilee Square, Blackburn, today (October 9).

Politicians and advisers from yesterday and today gathered in the plaza to witness the long-awaited unveiling.

Mr Straw, who worked for Baroness Castle as a political adviser before succeeding her as an MP, said he owed the veteran politician “almost everything”.

He describes her as an “extraordinary figure” and a “true force of nature”.

He added: “Barbara was absolutely determined to make her way into what was then a man’s world.”

The crowd listened to a clip of Baroness Castle, who died in 2002 at the age of 91, speaking on Radio 4’s Desert Island records in 1990.

In the clip, she said, “I never wanted a woman’s job.”

As part of the commemorations, the children of One Voice Blackburn held placards and marched through town on the song Everybody Out from the musical Made In Dagenham, based on the machinists’ strike at the Ford factory that Baroness Castle held. helped to solve.

Deputy Leader of the Labor Party Angela Rayner said: ‘I think it’s only fitting that we are all here today to support what Barbara did when she was your MP, but an absolute treasure. for all of our UK, and gave us the cornerstone of what I call our modern society today after that Labor victory of 1945.

“I am incredibly proud to be here as a red-haired Northerner who promises to always be forthright in Barbara’s legacy.”

Sculptor Sam Holland said she worked on the statue, which depicts the politician advancing with a copy of the equal pay law in his arms, on the 50th anniversary of the legislation last year .

She said: “I had a really intense moment of catharsis.

“I know how fiery she was and all of her accomplishments, not only locally but throughout her career.

“She was a very good person in government and people are really proud of her and very proud to have had Barbara as their MP.”

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Blackburn Rovers player opens up about condition as he plans to return to first-team action Sat, 09 Oct 2021 09:54:49 +0000

Blackburn Rovers defender Jan Paul van Hecke has revealed he is now ready to fight for his chance to join the team this season after returning to training.

Van Hecke was a late arrival in the transfer window at Ewood Park, with the defender on loan from Premier League Brighton in the final 72 hours of the summer window.

However, the defender’s career at Blackburn has yet to kick off, having been forced to return to his parent club after signing for Rovers.

This was due to a pre-existing injury issue which needed to be fully addressed by Brighton before he could be released and allowed to train with Tony Mowbray’s side.

The 21-year-old has now recovered from that injury setback and is now back with the Blackburn squad and resumed training with the Mowbray squad before potentially trying to make his way through starting training at Ewood Park.

23 Questions About Some of Blackburn Rovers Academy’s Top Graduates – Can You Get Full Grades?

True or False: Was Jason Wilcox part of the Blackburn squad that won the Premier League in 1995?

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, Van Hecke insisted he was now ready to try his hand in training and would look to find his way in the coming weeks. While he also revealed that he was feeling great and was ready to start playing.

He said: “It took a few weeks from signing I had to go back to Brighton and after three or four weeks I’m now here and back in full training. It feels good.

“My physical condition is good and I hope I am now fully back to training and ready to play.

“I’m back in training now which is good and now it’s a focus on games and hopefully I’ll be back soon.

“I have to show myself in training and then you will have your chance.”

The verdict

This is a major boost for Blackburn, as they might need as many fit and available defenders to challenge a place in the squad as possible.

They were obviously aware of Van Hecke’s injury situation when they made a move for him, so it wasn’t something that surprised Mowbray.

Therefore, you imagine Mowbray will be ready to give Van Hecke a chance to join the squad over the next few weeks when he has fully proven his fitness.

Blackburn wouldn’t have taken the risk of signing an injured player if they weren’t convinced he could make an impact this quarter.

Van Hecke can therefore be confident that if he trains the right way his chance to start games for Rovers in the Championship will present itself.

The rest of the campaign will be extremely important to his long-term development and he will be eager to make up for lost time.

Mowbray will have to handle him the right way to avoid risking further complications with his injury situation, but you’d expect Rovers to be careful with him and bring him back into action.

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Met Office weather forecast for Blackpool, Preston, Blackburn and Burnley this weekend Fri, 08 Oct 2021 17:04:24 +0000

Whether you are walking around Lancashire this weekend or planning to stay closer to home, it is always worth being prepared for whatever the weather throws at you.

This Saturday and Sunday (October 9 and 10), the general forecast is mostly dry for the most part, with parts of the county experiencing light showers.

READ MORE: What’s new this weekend for you and the kids near you

It is likely that there will be fog, but warmer temperatures for this time of year will still be there, as the remnants of Hurricane Sam will bring in warmer air.

Saturday will see mostly cloudy skies with scattered epidemics of rain descending southward during the day and despite the feeling of mild clouds for the time of year, maximum temperatures will remain at 17 degrees.

Cooler weather by Sunday is expected with cloud and patchy rain returning on Monday, becoming mainly dry and sunny for Tuesday with varying amounts of cloud.

For a detailed forecast for your Lancashire area, check out our weather guide below.


From Friday At night, warmer air will persist as warmer temperatures from Hurricane Sam continue to enter.

Temperatures of Saturday the morning will start at 14 degrees, peaking at 17 degrees at noon with a chance of rain in the late afternoon.

It will gradually decrease in the evening to end at 15 degrees – still relatively mild for this time of year.

Sunday will see a slightly cooler day with high temperatures of 14 degrees during the day.

The Met Office has issued a flood alert for the coast north of Morecambe Bay, so be careful if you find yourself in this area.


Warmer temperatures always stay around 17 degrees throughout Friday afternoon and evening.

Saturday temperatures continue to be warmer and will remain at 17 degrees with a risk of rain in the afternoon. It will cool down as the evening progresses.

Lit temperatures Sunday the morning starts to cool down and will drop to 10 degrees at night, so it’s cooler, but it should still be a clear day.


The warm, humid air of Friday evening with temperatures of 18 degrees.

A cooler day on Saturday with temperatures of 15 degrees but a greater likelihood of a drizzly afternoon and evening with temperatures only dropping down to 14 degrees.

A much clearer and cooler day Sunday starting with a crisp 10 degrees with highs of 14 degrees at noon.

These cooler temperatures are expected to remain from Sunday.

Blackburn with Darwen

Highs of 18 and 17 degrees plunging to 15 degrees this Friday evening and milder night temperatures for this time of year.

Cloudy day on Saturday beginning with warmer temperatures peaking at 17 degrees just after noon.

Little chance of rain later in the afternoon when the air will start to cool to 14 degrees.

Sunday will be cooler but also brighter during the day – temperatures will drop to 11 degrees by the end of the day.


The milder air remains in Burnley on Friday as temperatures still remain warm towards the evening.

Warmer weather for this time of year continues as temperatures peak at 17 degrees at noon, but subside as chances of rain increase for later in the afternoon.

Sunday will see a change as the air begins to cool and temperatures drop from Saturday to 10 degrees.

While Sunday is likely to be a lot cooler, it will also be a lot clearer with sunny spells.

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Injured Lancashire Army veteran living with multiple sclerosis must walk 1,000 km for charity Fri, 08 Oct 2021 09:39:32 +0000 A former Lancashire infantry soldier who was injured in an explosion in Northern Ireland, has to walk 1000 km for Help for Heroes.

John Newcombe, 58, developed multiple sclerosis after his injury in Ireland in the 1980s, but the veteran, who once ran from Bosnia to Britain to raise money for children in need, is determined to complete the 1,000 kilometer journey along the Lancashire coast.

Mr. Newcombe, who lives near Chorley, was a soldier for 34 years, but now uses a wheelchair and loses the use of his hands.

His partner Claire Corner, who will end the trip with him and who suffers from lupus, an autoimmune disease, said he would use wheelchairs from Help for Heroes and an adapted static bike and hand bike donated by a friend. of the Army. .

Mr Newcombe said: “People take the simpler things for granted, being able to stand up, talk to people face to face, a good hug.

“Help for Heroes has arrived and I can do all of these things again. ”

John and his partner Claire

Mr Newcombe is one of many veterans who shared personal stories of how seeking help transformed their lives after an investigation uncovered the extent of the soldiers’ mental health crisis.

A Help for Heroes poll showed that 73% of veterans with lifelong health issues struggle with their mental well-being on a daily basis, and the same number reported frequent long-term pain.

Meanwhile, 82% have trouble sleeping every night, according to the charity’s survey of 2,201 veterans and serving staff in June 2021.

Some 60% of people living with a long-term health problem also said they thought their physical condition had worsened during the pandemic, and 56% said their mental health had deteriorated.

Former Infantry Soldier Ben Bainbridge, who suffered a life-changing injury in Afghanistan, is eager to walk down the aisle to marry his fiancee, Steph Dunn, after receiving a new leg brace from the Charity association.

Mr Bainbridge, 30, of Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire, was in a coma when his leg was shattered in an explosion 12 years ago, but has since been able to walk again and has two daughters, Ellie, 11 years old, and Ariel, Sept.

He said: “It has been difficult, there are a lot of things that I struggle to do, like being able to take our dog for a long walk.

“I’m not ashamed of my foot, but I can’t wait to walk up the aisle and be watched by people for the right reasons.”

Miss Dunn, 31, added: “When he got up and walked for the first time with the new leg brace I cried, it was so amazing.

“It was overwhelming because just being able to walk has been a daily struggle for him for 11 years.”

Royal Navy veteran David Street, 42, said he still had nightmares about his service in Afghanistan as a gunner, where he was deployed the day after 9/11.

Mr Street, of Plymouth, sustained injuries to his left knee and lower back, leaving him with permanent, cane-dependent pain and PTSD.

He said: “The mental side is tough. Every detonation can trigger something. I am constantly on edge, I don’t want to sleep. I can’t rest.

Regarding recent developments in Afghanistan, he said: “Many of us ex-combatants feel worthless, and what good was 20 years of conflict in this country? To see him now is awful.

But Mr Street said Help for Heroes had helped him overcome his mental health issues and feel connected to a “family of veterans.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Rob JenningsRob jennings

Former Royal Signals communications operator Rob Jennings suffers from sleep deprivation as well as PTSD, panic attacks and health and social anxiety after being deployed to Bosnia, where he was on call from 1 hour to 3 a.m. every evening.

The 50-year-old veteran from Leeds, West Yorkshire said: ‘At the age of 24 I had three military medals and felt valued for my service, but after mental health issues and after been demobilized for medical reasons, I felt worthless.

“However, by interacting with support services, I created a full-time job that is just about taking care of myself and making sure that I spend each day constructively, one day at a time.”

Veterans can access the association’s support by calling the helpline on 0300 303 9888.

Mr. Newcombe’s fundraising page for his 1,000 km challenge can be found here

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Parents and children stranded in Lancashire play center after truck strikes power line Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:06:00 +0000

Firefighters have been called to Jollie’s Barn in Mere Brow following an incident around 12:30 p.m. today (October 7).

It was reported that a truck had “unplugged the live power cable above the parking lot” causing a “serious power problem”.

“Due to the safety of our customers and staff, no one can leave the barn at this time,” said a spokesperson for Jollie’s Barn.

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Firefighters were called to report a truck crashed into a power line outside Jollie’s Barn in Mere Brow.

“We will keep you posted.”

Read more

Read more

Crews tackle roaring fire in Preston

In response to a comment on social media, staff confirmed that everyone was “fine and safe” but “a little shaken up”.

A spokeswoman for the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Services said: ‘The collision resulted in an electrical cable falling in a parking lot outside a business premises.

“The firefighters put a cord in place and monitored the scene while waiting for the arrival of the electrical panel.

“Electricity North West is presently present to ground the live cable.”

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Blackburn Rovers goalkeeper sets goal for Ewood Park as Scotland’s loan spell is reviewed Thu, 07 Oct 2021 13:00:00 +0000

Joe Hilton is hoping his Hamilton Academical loan will serve him well for more playing time when he returns to the Blackburn Rovers.

The 21-year-old is currently north of the border at Accies in a bid to get more playing time under his belt in the Scottish Championship.

Hilton has been with Rovers since 2019, when he joined the club after leaving Everton in the Premier League.

READ MORE: Blackburn Rovers confirm decision to stay safe ahead of Premier League & Championship driver

During this time, he was loaned out to Fleetwood Town and Ross County, before heading to New Douglas Park for this campaign.

He has been limited to appearances in cup competitions so far since his one-season loan transfer to the Scottish Championship club.

Hilton knows appearances can be hard to come by as a goaltender, but continues to gather information in practice.

And he hopes he can take back to Rovers what he learns in Scotland at the end of his loan spell.

“I love it here in Scotland,” Hilton told the Daily Record. “It’s nice and calm. It’s pretty quiet compared to our home – there are a lot of goalies in Blackburn! It’s quite difficult.

“I just have to do my best for myself. I believe in my abilities and I need to use experiences like this to build myself up.

“When I go back I will have a little more support behind me. I will have played more senior games, played with better players. It will be very useful to me.

“If I was a central midfielder I could turn, but you need stability with the goalkeeper. I just need to work hard every day.

“This is the life of a keeper, there can only be one of you playing at a time. Everyone is fighting for each other – pushing each other – to see who is playing. C it’s like that at the end of the day.

“For me, I’m learning every day. You see the same things when you’re in an academy. Coming to a place where there is so much different to see, it just helps you.”

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Burnley in EFL: Remember Martin Paterson? This is what he does today Thu, 07 Oct 2021 11:49:55 +0000

Martin Paterson graduated from the Stoke City academy, spent seven years with the club at the youth level, before making his debut in the first team formed in 2005.

However, the forward only played 15 times for the Potters, before moving to Scunthorpe United in 2007. Spending a year with the club which now finds itself in Ligue 2, Paterson then joined Burnley in 2008.

The striker joined in what was a £ 1million fee but rose to £ 1.3million. Scoring 19 goals in his debut season, Paterson helped the Clarets get promoted to the Premier League.

However, Burnley was relegated straight away, with the forward having only managed to find the back of the net four times in the league.

Paterson saw his playing time decrease over the next two seasons, but in the 2012/13 campaign he again saw consistent playing time with the Clarets, however the majority of his minutes came from the wing .

26 Questions About Burnley’s Managers Over the Years – Can You Get Full Ratings?

When did the club appoint its first manager?

The Northern Ireland international then joined Huddersfield Town in 2013, with the promise of returning to a starring role becoming one of the main reasons for his decision to join.

Harvesting five times in 25 and embarking on loan spells with Bristol City, Fleetwood Town and Orlando City, he decided to trade Yorkshire for America in 2015.

A succession of injuries cut his time with American attire short, and he returned to England and then Lancashire in 2015, putting pen to paper on a deal with Blackpool.

After a rather miserable period in front of goal with the Seasiders, Paterson moved on to Port Vale, scoring two goals in 16 games for the Valiants.

Returning to the United States in 2017, Paterson joined Tampa Bay Rowdies and hit double digits in 29 games.

Ending his career in India, Paterson joined ATK in 2018, joining Teddy Sheringham who was responsible there.

Paterson has also represented Northern Ireland at the senior level, the forward scoring three times in 22 appearances for his national team.

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Two key Preston North End players walking the tightrope of suspension ahead of Blackpool clash Thu, 07 Oct 2021 11:01:00 +0000

Ben Whiteman and Ryan Ledson are one game away from a suspension that could see them miss the crunch derby with Blackpool later this month.

The midfielder duo have both been booked four times so far in the Championship and one more warning will amount to a ban.

North End visits Blackpool in a highly anticipated October 23 clash with Frankie McAvoy’s men facing home games with Derby and Coventry.

READ MORE: Three Things McAvoy Will Want To Solve When PNE Returns

A yellow card in the latter for Whiteman or Ledson would mean they would miss the Bloomfield Road clash with the pair set to reach the 19-game mark before the cut was lifted to 10 warnings and a two-game ban.

A suspension for the midfielder pair is therefore almost inevitable and both players, and manager McAvoy, are hoping they won’t miss the same game.

Ledson and Whiteman have both made 10 league appearances this season, the latter scoring three times.

North End is 18th in the league after winning just two of its first 11 games and sits three points above the relegation zone.

They were beaten 3-2 by QPR last time around and haven’t won a league game since August.

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The incredibly pretty seaside town of Lancashire with a very odd museum Thu, 07 Oct 2021 05:00:00 +0000

If you want to travel back in time and experience a Victorian shopping street then the incredibly pretty seaside town of Southport in Lancashire might be the perfect day for you.

The popular tourist spot is easily accessible from nearby Liverpool and is home to wonderful examples of Victorian architecture and town planning, including the main shopping street Lord Street.

The kilometer-long stretch is a feast for the eyes with gardens and water features, it is even claimed to have inspired Napoleon’s reconstruction of Paris.

READ MORE:London’s most expensive house on Rightmove costs £ 54.5million – but there is no garden

There is a marine lake for paddleboarding, miles of coastline for biking and walking, and plenty of sand dunes for picnics and relaxation.

The quaint town is ideal for a quick break from the hustle and bustle of London

If you love greenery, you won’t want to miss the Botanical Gardens which have featured on BBC’s Gardeners World, as well as Hesketh Park which has an aviary and a blind garden.

At this point you might be thinking about cutting back on green products and don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

If someone told you that there was a place in the UK only dedicated to the history of a garden tool, you probably wouldn’t be surprised – after all, sometimes we live on a rather strange island.

One of the strangest features in the area is the British Lawnmower Museum, also known as Lawnmower World. Here you can trace the legacy of British lawnmowers 200 years ago and take a look at some celebrity mowers including those of Lady Diana and Paul O’Grady.

Imagine a place entirely dedicated to the size of your garden, with enthusiastic staff to guide you and give you all the details about two centuries of British lawn mower engineering.

The museum was even mentioned in Will I Lie To You after Lee Mack admitted he gave her his “dibber”.

Southport Beach
The sprawling beach makes it a great place if you have kids

After that, you may want to cool off in the breeze as you ride the miniature lakeside steam railway, the train takes passengers on a 1.4km journey along the marine lake with a stop Helter Skelter for children and a kiosk for adults.

If you go at the right time of the year, you can attend some of the city’s famous events, like the Southport Airshow, the British Musical Fireworks Championship or the Southport Flower Show, which is the largest independent flower show in the Kingdom. -United.

Southport also recently hosted the Open Golf Championship, so it’s definitely worth bringing a set of clubs to Royal Birkdale if that’s what you fancy.

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