Family and mental health team ‘did everything they could’ for Burnley youngster who took his own life

A young man who suffered for many years from his mental health died in hospital four days after attempting to take his own life.

Cameron Hartley Ridge had made several assassination attempts since 2017 and was well known to mental health and crisis teams, and had only recently been released from their care in the weeks leading up to his death on December 10.

At an inquest at Accrington Town Hall, Coroner Mark Williams said Cameron had received ‘incredible support from his family’ with mental health teams doing ‘what was in accordance with their procedures’ to help the youngster 23 year old man.

He told the hearing: ‘He had incredible support from his family. What was put in place to try to prevent this, I don’t think they could have done more.

“You were doing everything you could, but for some reason he tried to kill himself.

“This is a tragic incident of a young man who decided to take his own life despite the support he had.

“I accept that at the time what the mental health team did was in line with their procedures.”

The inquest heard that Cameron, of Greenacres, Read, Burnley, suffered from worry and anxiety from an early age, brought on by feelings of abandonment after his real father left when he was very small.

He had been prescribed antipsychotic medication and was being seen by an assigned care co-ordinator in March last year, after he disappeared from his home and was later hospitalized and diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

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A statement from his mother, Deborah Ridge, said the mental health team discharged him in November 2021 after an assessment found his mental health was stabilizing.

It was however heard that Cameron, who had two jobs as a bartender and a personal trainer, had stopped taking his medication a few months before his death, because he thought they made him feel worse and that he seemed fine. do without.

Mr Williams said: ‘However, he went out on the night of December 2 with colleagues but was brought home by a friend who was worried about him.

“The crisis team was called and he was seen by a mental health nurse at 6am on December 3.

“He explained to the nurse that for the past few weeks he has been finding things difficult and struggling to control the voices in his head.

“He went home and was then called by the crisis team later that afternoon as a follow-up.

“Cameron then went to work, but his mum got a call from a co-worker around 4.30pm saying he wasn’t doing well and he was picked up.

“On December 5, he again had a conversation with the crisis team, and after that his mother said he seemed very optimistic and at peace, which was not in his character.”

The inquest heard he went to meet his friend in Clitheroe later that day and returned around 11pm, but his mother then found Cameron downstairs in distress with superficial cuts to his arms.

The crisis team was called back on Monday the 6th with Cameron not wanting to speak to anyone but staying home most of the day trying to sleep.

He was told a medical would be carried out on December 10 and a psychiatrist was sent to his home that day, where it was noted that he still had suicidal thoughts but had no urges to hurt themselves.

During the same day, Mr Williams said Cameron had sent his girlfriend, Rebecca Gibson, messages asking her to come over.

They were going through a rough time and it was believed that Cameron was afraid of losing her.

One of the messages read, “You have 4 p.m. until this is over.”

When Rebecca explained she couldn’t come until later, Cameron texted back saying, “You have until 9 p.m. to get this done.”

Mr Williams said: ‘Rebecca was late getting to Cameron’s house because of traffic and her father, Paul, let her in. She walked to Cameron’s room and found him hanging.

“An ambulance was called, and CPR was performed and he was taken to the Royal Blackburn Hospital.”

Mr Williams said that when Cameron felt like this, his family would do anything they could to remove items from his bedroom to prevent him from harming himself.

Cameron was admitted to the Royal Blackburn Hospital but sadly died four days later on December 10.

A medical cause of death from hypoxic brain damage and asphyxia was proposed, with Mr Williams registering a finding of suicide.

If you or someone you know has mental health issues, the Samaritans can be called, free of charge, on 116 123.

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