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The owner of a three-star B&B in Blackpool has responded to claims he kicked a woman out of his hotel over the weekend.

The Gainsborough Hotel is located on Blackpool promenade and is owned by Nathan Hutchinson who managed the three star hotel for 22 years. On Saturday night (June 25), Jess Tulloch, 39, requested a single room but was upgraded to a double for £45.

After being faced with a list of issues including ‘cracked floor tiles’, ‘no spoons or toilet paper in the room’ and a broken power socket, Jess says she went downstairs to share of her concerns to management around 11:30 p.m. where she requested a refund. Then, she claims, she was kicked out and left “on the streets of Blackpool” until 5.30am.

Nathan Hutchinson denies Jess was kicked out, telling LancsLive she made the choice to leave, adding, “If you look for flaws, you’ll find them.”

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Jess said she returned to the Gainsborough Hotel around 10.30pm after playing bingo elsewhere. She had checked in earlier in the day, but it wasn’t until she was getting ready to go to bed that she says she noticed the “security issues”.

“In the bedroom, I took a cup of coffee that didn’t smell good. You would have thought there would be spoons on the courtesy tray. Not very good. It’s not just my room that I noticed stuff. Different walls in the hotel, the wallpaper was peeling off a bit,” she explained.

Jess photographed a power outlet that appears to have come loose as well as a cracked tile. She continued: “The owners don’t care at all about guests and what they have to say when approached. Their response is to turn people away when faced with security issues etc. “

Jess claims that after going to management around 11.30pm on Saturday night to ask for a refund, management told her to ‘get’ her things, ‘hand over’ her room key and ‘get out’.

She continues: “From midnight until around 5.30am I was on the streets of Blackpool and I’m still quite unwell. I almost had an asthma attack at 5.15am. Luckily I didn’t make it home in completely safe.

‘What I would like to see is the hotel closed by Blackpool Council as it is in clear breach of health and safety rules,’ she added.

Jess photographed the ‘cracked floor tiles’ in her bedroom bathroom at the Gainsborough Hotel

Nathan Hutchinson has run the Gainsborough Hotel in Blackpool for 22 years. He told LancsLive: “She had been in the room for nine o’clock, at midnight she said she was not happy with her room and wanted her money back. I said there was no no way there was something about a socket somewhere, she kept saying she wanted the cash and i said no, not after nine in the room.

“You want to come to stay, you can go back to bed if you want, you have a choice and she’s gone. I didn’t fire her, we don’t fire people,” he continued, “if you You don’t wanna stay, you don’t wanna stay, the choice is yours.”

Since Jess’ stay, she has posted a warning about the Gainsborough Hotel to a number of Blackpool accommodation groups on Facebook. Nathan had spotted them online and said he agreed with the majority of comments pointing out that the issues Jess was facing were “minor”.

Nathan said: “We have no problem, it’s everywhere Blackpool Accommodation [Facebook group] but it’s like, what are you complaining about? If you look for flaws, you will find flaws. We are only a three star hotel. Everything is clean, but if you start looking for flaws you will find them, you look in a five star hotel and you will find them. But you’re not complaining nine hours later, if she had come within the hour she would have collected the refund, not after nine.

“We don’t chase people away, we want business, you want people back. You don’t just kick people out at 1 p.m., she left of her own accord.”

Nathan is the owner, chef and manager of the hotel and says the Gainsborough Hotel is the second he has run in Blackpool. The family-run venue has a restaurant and public bar and caters to anyone looking for food and drink, as well as those looking for a place to stay.

He continued: “We don’t ask anyone to leave unless there’s a problem, sometimes people come in drunk and we ask them to leave, but it’s very very rare that we ask people to leave. We only take couples and families If I would have known she was going to be like this, I wouldn’t have let her in.

“If there was a water leak or something happened, we would admit our fault, but if someone complains about a teaspoon… people can believe what they want to believe, come on check our hotel and they can see for themselves.”


]]> Weather forecast and tide times for Blackpool Beach this weekend Sat, 25 Jun 2022 09:32:55 +0000

Blackpool Beach is the perfect destination to hang out with family and friends and provides the perfect setting to watch a glorious sunset, with views stretching across Southport, the Lake District and the Isle of Man on a clear day .

However, we all know that a day by the sea can quickly be ruined if the weather turns bad! So we’ve taken a look at the weather in Blackpool this weekend so you can plan the perfect weekend in the seaside resort.

The Met Office forecast says it will be a mixed day, with some sunny spells and windy showers. Wind speeds could reach up to 30mph, which may make it feel a little cooler than the highs of 17C that have been predicted. Rain is expected to start around noon, with the worst showers expected around 3pm.

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Weather experts say there might be “a strange rumble of thunder”, but it will feel “cooler than recently”. Light showers are expected from 4 p.m. and will last intermittently for the rest of Saturday. It will remain breezy overnight, especially on the beach and docks, with nighttime lows of 9°C.

Sunday will see another day of sunny spells and scattered, windy showers. However, the good news is that the showers “should be less frequent and less heavy compared to Saturday”. There will be some light rain in the early morning, but the weather should remain clear but cloudy until around noon. There will then be a few showers from noon to 3 p.m., before clearing for the rest of the afternoon.

However, the Met Office has predicted winds could reach 41mph in Blackpool, with the strongest gusts expected between midday and 6pm. Highs of 16°C are expected during the day, but that might seem a few degrees lower if you’re in windy conditions. A few light showers may return around 8 p.m. and continue overnight into Monday.

The Met Office outlook for Monday to Wednesday next week reads: “Sunshine and showers continue into Monday. The sun is expected to be replaced by further rain on Tuesday followed by showers on Wednesday. Temperatures around the average for the end of June.”

Tide times in Blackpool this weekend

These are the predicted tide times for Blackpool today (Saturday 25th June)

  • Low tide: 3h32
  • High tide: 9:19 a.m.
  • Low tide: 3:57 p.m.
  • High tide: 9:52 p.m.

Here are the predicted tide times for Blackpool tomorrow (Sunday 26th June)

  • Low tide: 4h23
  • High tide: 10:07 a.m.
  • Low tide: 4:42 p.m.
  • High tide: 1:34 p.m.
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    ]]> Blackpool and Bolton Wanderers fans brawl in pub with thrown stools and tables Thu, 23 Jun 2022 15:27:14 +0000

    Stools, tables and glasses were thrown into a Blackpool pub as chaotic scenes broke out between rival football fans.

    Regulars watched in disbelief as Blackpool and Bolton Wanderers fans began brawling at the Ardwick pub. According to the owner, a regular who has a learning disability was stunned amidst the crossfire and had to be dragged to safety.

    Four men were arraigned at Preston Crown Court on Wednesday June 22 for their role in the public disorder which broke out ahead of a match between the two North West sides on February 2, 2020. Others involved in the scuffle have yet to know their fate. .

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    The court heard that Bolton supporter Ashley Stott had traveled to Blackpool and was sitting with other Bolton fans at a table inside the pub when Blackpool supporters including Darren Jennings, Graham Clarke and Dale Gregory, entered the building. Rivals fans were seated on either side of the pub, but at one point something was said to Stott which angered him and sparked chaos.

    It was Blackpool fans who started the mess, recorder Jodie Woodhead said, describing CCTV footage in which Gregory “can be seen picking up a bar stool, approaching Bolton supporters and throw it to them”. She continued: “Graham Clarke then picks up a stool and throws it at the Bolton fans. Their response is to throw stools and tables and what appear to be glasses. There then appears to be hand to hand fighting where we can see punches and kicks being thrown.

    “Ashley Stott can be seen throwing an empty glass at the Blackpool fans. Dale Gregory charges towards the Bolton group and is embroiled in a fight with Ashley Scott, both wearing saddles at the time. Graham Clarke enters then, following him is Jennings, he can be seen throwing two punches towards the group.

    Other members of the public were present at the bar, including elderly and visibly distressed patrons. Owner Kevin Anthony reported that a regular with a learning disability had to be moved from the stage to avoid physical harm.

    Bloomfield Road, home of Blackpool FC

    Stott was also convicted of a separate incident in December 2019 before a game between Bolton and Shrewsbury Town which involved “a significant number of supporters of both teams involved in significant disturbance in the town centre”. However, Recorder Woodhead noted that his involvement and violence in this incident was far less than the others present.

    At sentencing, she said: “There is no evidence that the defendants went there for that purpose and from the evidence presented in court it seems likely that something unrelated was said. with the football that was the trigger for the incident.” Recorder Woodhead decided not to issue football restraining orders against Jennings, Clarke and Gregory, noting that they have all continued to attend games since then without further issue. However, she delivered such an order to Stott for his repeated involvement in the mess around football games.

    Jennings, 51, and of Dawlish Court, Blackpool, earlier admitted a public order offense and was given a 14-week sentence suspended for 12 months. He was also ordered to perform 150 hours of unpaid work and 10 days of rehabilitation activity (RAR).

    Gregory, 49, and of Rosemary Place, Preston, pleaded guilty to affray and received an eight-month sentence suspended for 18 months. He was also sentenced to perform 150 hours of unpaid work and 15 RAR days.

    Clarke, 34, and of Everest Close, Lytham St Annes, pleaded guilty to affray and received an eight-month sentence suspended for 18 months. He was also given an email tag to enforce an eight-week curfew that requires him to stay home between 8 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.

    Stott, 33, and of Coniston Avenue, Manchester, admitted two public order offenses and was given a total sentence of 56 weeks suspended for 18 months. He must also complete 100 hours of unpaid work and 38 RAR days.


    ]]> Lancashire weather forecast for Wednesday as it warms Preston, Burnley, Blackpool and Blackburn Tue, 21 Jun 2022 18:26:36 +0000

    The temperature is rising again and parts of Lancashire will experience highs of 21C. Wednesday (June 22) Any clouds that lingered in the morning will dissipate, leaving almost everywhere a clear afternoon and evening.

    The pollen count will be very high, so those who suffer from hay fever are warned to act accordingly. Likewise, those heading out to take advantage of the warm weather should make sure to stay hydrated.

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    For the wider northwest, the Met Office predicts: “Any early haze and low cloud will dissipate quickly, leaving a fine dry day with plenty of sunny spells. Staying warm. Maximum temperature of 24°C.


    Morning: There will be a partly cloudy start to the day but by 8m the clouds will have disappeared leaving clear skies.

    Afternoon: The sunshine will continue throughout the afternoon. The temperature will peak at 20°C.

    Evening: The evening will see the same sunny conditions, leading to a clear night.


    Morning: Burnley should experience sunny intervals until 8am, then a few hours of clear skies between 9am and 12pm.

    Afternoon: A sunnier afternoon is expected as clear conditions are encountered with highs of 21C.

    Evening: Clear conditions are expected to continue into the evening.


    Morning: All clouds will have dissipated by 8:00 a.m., leaving sunny skies for the seaside town.

    Afternoon: Temperatures will peak at 21°C around 1 p.m. and will remain high for most of the afternoon.

    Evening: The sun will stay out all evening, which means warm conditions all night.


    Morning: Lancaster is forecast for a colder early morning than the rest of Lancashire, with mist covering the town until 8am. However, from 9 a.m. the sun will break through, leaving clear skies throughout the morning.

    Afternoon: temperatures will only peak at 18°C ​​for Lancaster, but there will be sunshine from wall to wall.

    Evening: Clear conditions will remain meaning a warm and bright evening.


    Morning: There will be a few clouds at first, but like other areas, this will dissipate around 11 a.m.

    Afternoon: Skies will remain clear and temperatures will peak at 21°C.

    Evening: There will be no clouds tonight, leaving a starry night ahead.


    Morning: The day will be cloudy, but the sun will appear around 11 a.m.

    Afternoon: The sun will finally break through completely around 1 p.m., allowing temperatures to peak at 20°C.

    Evening: Clouds will not return to the sky over Chorley, leaving a clear and bright evening. The temperature will only drop gradually until mid-teens.

    ]]> Cricket Fylde: Amazing Akash but Lytham disallowed Sun, 19 Jun 2022 12:20:00 +0000

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    Lancashire head to Blackpool after successive Blast defeats

    The Indian scored 113 from 86 as Lytham were slotted into North Wales and piled on 256-4 only for the home side to hang on for a draw at 192-9.

    Akash had scored just a single when he was joined (at 55-3) by captain Matt Taaffe for a fourth wicket worth 193.

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    Lytham captain Matt Taaffe shared a 193 grandstand with professional Akash Vashisht

    The pro stuck eight balls and as many as six and shortly after being caught by Sam Bright skipper Taaffe declared midway through the 50th, himself unbeaten on 71 balls from 105.

    Akash also played with the ball, taking 4-60 from 22.5 after Colwyn Bay’s response started promisingly, going 92-1 as fly-half Zach Gidlow led the scoring with 46.

    From 160-4 the wickets began to fall more steadily as Toby Lester took 3-40 from his 18 overs.

    But captain George Johansen held on for 33 unbeaten and his side still had a wicket at the stumps after 55.5 overs.

    Lytham lead the division one by nine points from Liverpool, with Rainford 25 points further in third and Colwyn Bay fourth.

    After an unbeaten start to seven games in their Northern Premier Cricket League campaign, St Annes slipped to successive defeats and were dismissed for 62 at Chorley on Saturday.

    The visitors lost by 107 after Chorley opted to strike and set a 179-8 goal.

    Third-wicket pair Roshen Silva and Alexander Howarth led the way for the hosts with 43 and 39 respectively.

    Both were fired by Tom Higson, who struck out three of the front four to finish with 3-29 from his nine overs. There were also three victims for Harry Birkman (for 24 out of 10).

    It was Moulton’s spectacle in a St Annes replica that lasted just 26 overs as Edwin Moulton took 4-25 from eight overs and Will Moulton 3-16 from nine.

    Alex Bradley scored for St Annes with 24 but the six who arrived after him only managed four between them. Only three St Annes players scored more than threes and five were taken off without scoring.

    The Vernon Road club remain fourth in the Premier League and have not lost too much ground as none of the teams above them have won.

    However, Garstang extended their advantage at the top to 10 points after a draw with Fulwood and Broughton, while second-placed Longridge lost to Kendal.

    Blackpool were gameless as Lancashire go home to Stanley Park and are now 19 points off the pace in third with a game less.

    St Annes are seven points behind and now just four ahead of fifth-placed Chorley.

    The only one of the Fylde Coast senior clubs to maintain a 100% league record is Fleetwood, who won nine straight in the Moore and Smalley Palace Shield with a five-wicket success at Torrisholme.

    Aimed 172-9 at Morecambe, Fleetwood overtook it with eight overs to spare on a momentous day for Declan Clerkin.

    Clerkin retired fly-half Saeed Bariwala for a game-best 61 and finished with 4-55 from 15 overs after the hosts opted to strike.

    Clerkin knocked out most of the front six before Australian Zac Corcoran claimed three late wickets (for 45 from 12 overs).

    A sixty from Clerkin then propelled Fleetwood to victory, despite being one of three victims for Dan Woods (for 39 from seven overs).

    Two of the top three also played out as flyhalf Charlie Clark made 30 and wicketkeeper Harry McAleer 26 in Fleetwood’s 173-9 to leave Adam Sharrocks’ side 31 points clear over Morecambe and Penwortham at the top of the Premier League.

    Great Eccleston are five points adrift in fourth after a thrilling three-point win over Eccleston.

    The visitors chose to strike and were grateful to Will Thistlethwaite’s unbeaten 56 for their 136-8.

    The wicketkeeper steadied the ship at 45-6 and at 68-8 was joined by captain Phil Booth for an unbroken 68 partnership.

    Reece Thomas and Cameron Smith both took three wickets, while skipper Booth scored 21 and Thistlethwaite stuck six fours from his 102 balls.

    Chorley’s side looked favorites reaching 115-5 in response but then lost top scorer Thomas for 46 from 41 before Mohamed Nadeem’s flurry of wickets (five for 13 from 12 overs) allowed Great Ecc to claim victory with 5.4 overs remaining.

    Booth ruled out three of the top four, including Thomas, to finish 3-32 for 11 as Eccleston were all out for 133.

    Another close thing at Thornton Cleveleys was the visitors’ path from Euxton by one wicket.

    The hosts could only total 106 from 33.4 overs, having opted to beat, and Euxton scratched the house at 107-9 with 8.5 overs to spare.

    Imran Mehmood’s unbeaten 125 from 130 (14 limits) was key to Preston’s victory in the 29-run derby at Kirkham and Wesham, as was the unbroken ninth wicket of 98 he shared with the captain Imran Patel (34 not eliminated).

    It took the visitors to 203-8 after deciding to strike, despite Justin Banks going 5-64 from 14 overs.

    K&W continued gallantly, going 103-2 as Liam Castellas hit eight fours in his 53, but they couldn’t keep up the pace and were all out for 174 with four balls remaining as Patel took 4-46 on 12 overs and Ajaz Khan Pathan 3-55 from 11.

    Fylde opted to knock out Standish in Division 1A but was beaten by five wickets after setting a 153-7 goal (Dan Smith 51).

    The visitors looked favorites when a 60-1 response became 71-5 as Danny Smith took 4-26 from 15 overs.

    But then Mohammed Asghar Jami (55 not out) was joined by captain Phil Hogarth (27 not out) and an unbroken stand of 83 took Standish to 154-5 with 15 balls to go.

    Wrea Green crashed to the ground after eight straight Division Two wins, conceding 254-4 at Longridge 3 and losing by 141 points.

    Open partners Darren Keighley (93) and Matthew Simpson (61) shared 159 and third-placed Longridge never looked back, clearing the visitors for 113 in 33.2 overs.

    Wrea Green was knocked out of top spot by St Annes 2, who won by 59 points at home to Torrisholme 2 after Gurman Bains scored 93 and Alex Naylor 73 in their 219-6 run.

    Norcross lost by 18 runs to Vernon Carus 2, where they were held to 126-8 chasing 144, despite captain Richard Thomas batting for 43 and Jamie Moss taking 4-29 from seven overs.

    Blackpool is the perfect location for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – it makes sense – Denise Evans Fri, 17 Jun 2022 17:02:30 +0000

    Blackpool is no stranger to glitz and glamour, with a bit of kitsch. So what could be more Blackpool than Eurovision?

    Today (17 June) it was revealed that the UK could host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023. Traditionally, the winning nation hosts the following year’s event, but the ongoing conflict in Ukraine prevents current champions from doing so.

    So, after finishing second and first in the judge’s vote in this year’s contest thanks to Sam Ryder’s incredibly infectious pop song Space Man, the weird and wonderful singing contest comes to Blighty for the first time since 1998.

    READ MORE: We tried the amazing sandwich shop in Blackpool where people line up around the block to get in

    There was something about this year’s contest that managed to turn the heads of even its biggest critics. Sam himself has been a major factor, with the TikToker reaching intergalactic heights over the past year, both in the music charts and in enhancing the credibility of the 66-year-old competition.

    Dancers take to the restored dance floor at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom after extensive restoration work on the famous suspended parquet floor on January 25, 2022

    I’m sure it’s not forbidden to perform more than once, so Sam, how about 2023? Every city in the country will say they deserve to be chosen to host the show famed for its “null points” and ’90s pop artists trying to resurrect their careers.

    But I am convinced that Blackpool Tower Ballroom is made to host Eurovision. I can see Sam, now, with his glorious golden lock flowing behind him as he launched into his guitar solo in the center of this magnificent building.

    “It’s not big enough” I hear you yelling at me through your phone. Well, I thought about that too. Who said the show had to be performed in one place? Blackpool has suitable venues ready and waiting.

    UK's Sam Ryder sang
    UK’s Sam Ryder sang ‘Space Man’ at Eurovision 2022

    Hey, you could have Finland playing their set while riding The Big One at Pleasure Beach; Germany on the beach in front of the tower or Sweden on stage at the historic opera house inside the Winter Gardens.

    To imagine. Millions could tune in to see Blackpool in the spotlight. There are also plenty of places for artists to stay, which brings in a lot of money to the economy.

    Artists can have fun between rehearsals by taking advantage of the attractions available. They can venture to casinos, cabaret shows, arcades, theaters, the three piers and theme parks.

    Blackpool Tower as beacon of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee
    Blackpool Tower as beacon of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

    The BBC will be the host broadcaster, with Rylan Clark, Graham Norton and co set to open the show from the top of the tower. They also already have strong ties to the seaside resort, with Strictly Come Dancing’s annual ‘Blackpool Week’ hosted at the Tower Ballroom and the broadcaster’s nearest major studios are just across the border from Lancashire at MediaCityUK in Salford.

    Admit it, you agree with that idea, don’t you?

    The tower could light up in the colors of the flag of the next nation to play. And these little indented videos showcasing each country could be shot across Lancashire, along the Fylde coast, as far as Preston, Lancaster Castle or as far as Pendle Hill.

    I’ll just leave those thoughts with you and get back to listening to my Best of Eurovision Song Contest compilation album.

    Let us know what you think in the comments below, if the thought of Eurovision coming to Blackpool mortifies or excites you.

    ]]> DIY chain Homebase set for Blackpool return after plans approved Thu, 16 Jun 2022 04:00:00 +0000

    Plans to bring a branch of DIY chain Homebase back to the Fylde coast have been cleared.

    The scheme, which will see the retailer take over the former Argos Store and Pets at Home store on Blackpool Retail Park, has been approved by Blackpool Council planners using delegated powers.

    Fylde Council, in whose jurisdiction part of the Squires Gate Lane business park is located, has also approved a planning application allowing Pets at Home to move into the vacant Office Outlet unit in the same block. A Homebase store previously operated in the business park and its return will include a garden center located in what is currently a rear service yard.

    After: Missing teenager last seen in Blackpool two days ago believed to be in London

    Vehicle access in front of Homebase will become one-way, with highway chiefs saying the current 628 parking spaces at the site will be enough to service the new store. A request is also being considered to expand the car park to provide 20 additional spaces.

    The existing awnings over Pets at Home and the old Argos store would be removed, both entrances would be retained and renovated, but the main entrance would pass through the old Argos building. This would be glazed in a similar design to other units in the same block.

    A report from Blackpool Council setting out the decision to approve Homebase’s application states: ‘Economically the proposal would facilitate the re-commissioning of an empty retail unit (Unit C), generating employment opportunities, without affect the vitality and viability of the downtown hierarchy. On this basis, the proposal is considered economically viable.

    Once the development is complete, all units in the retail park will be occupied again. Other traders on the site include Currys, Aldi and TK Maxx. The most recent new development on the site has been the addition of a Costa Coffee drive-thru next to Halfords which opened last September.

    ]]> Wheeler Yuta says transition to Blackpool Combat Club was ‘very different’, thinks Cesaro would fit in well Mon, 13 Jun 2022 21:35:05 +0000

    Wheeler Yuta had quite the best friends stint at Blackpool Combat Club, and he recently discussed the magnitude of the transition. Yuta, who is part of the AEW stable alongside Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley and William Regal, spoke about the sudden change during a virtual signing for K&S WrestleFest.

    “It was definitely very different,” he said (by Fighter). “It’s partly like Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy, they’re my friends in real life. I’ve known these guys for years. At first I kind of felt like I was in this big position, c It’s still a huge position but it’s with my friends, I’m in my comfort zone But when it started it was like, okay, that’s a step up, that’s something completely different from what I was doing. Now I also have to earn the respect of these guys, like I did with my friends before. It was definitely a big step forward, it was like a change of legs. But , now we move and roll.

    A fan also asked him what he thought of Cesaro possibly joining AEW and the Blackpool Combat Club, and he was all for it. He said: “Cesaro is awesome. I would support him in any role wherever I could see him struggle. He is incredible. But I think he would fit in very well with us, he has a history with [William] Treat too.

    Yuta, in addition to his work in the BCC, is the current ROH Pure Champion. He will defend the title in an upcoming episode of AEW Dark.

    Blackpool favorite Jordan Gabriel linked with surprise move to Championship newcomers Burnley Sun, 12 Jun 2022 06:52:00 +0000

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    Why Blackpool’s Shayne Lavery won’t have fond memories of Northern Ireland’s second…

    Journalist Alan Nixon claims future new Burnley boss Vincent Kompany is targeting Gabriel as a potential replacement for Wales international Connor Roberts, who has been linked with a return to the Premier League.

    Kompany has yet to be officially announced as Burnley manager due to work permit delays, but it is a formality.

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    Gabriel has made 35 appearances this season, scoring once, as he helped Neil Critchley’s side reach the Championship via play-off.

    Burnley think they are a fan of Jordan Gabriel

    Although the fee was not disclosed, it was rumored at the time to be worth around £700,000, although it was likely to include various add-ons and clauses.

    Gabriel was limited to just 21 appearances last season due to injury, with his campaign cut short in April when he suffered a hamstring injury in the loss to West Brom.

    It was the 23-year-old’s second hamstring injury in as many months, having also been sidelined in early March.

    He battled with Dujon Sterling for the right-back position last season before his teammate returned to parent club Chelsea.

    Cricket preview: Fleetwood flies with newcomers Fri, 10 Jun 2022 07:00:00 +0000

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    Fylde Coast cricket: Victorious St Annes makes Flintoff proud

    The Broadwater club have turned to former Pakistan Test player and famed St Annes fly-half Atiq Uz-Zaman in their bid to bounce back from a bitterly disappointing 2021, which saw Fleetwood relegated from the Northern Premier League for the first team.

    Under Atiq’s management, Fleetwood have won all seven Premier League games and sit 22 points clear at the top ahead of tomorrow’s home clash with second-placed Morecambe, the other club relegated from last season.

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    Zac Corcoran plays for the first time outside his native Australia

    Fleetwood director of cricket Andy Singleton told The Gazette: “We had a committee meeting at the end of last season and discussed how we were going to move forward and change things, and we decided to employ a trainer, which we’ve only done once before.

    “We won gold when we managed to get Atiq on board because he has a lot of experience and everyone adheres to his methods, so it’s a bet that has paid off.

    “Atiq has a reputation as a field coach and a lot of work has gone into the field exercises. Our roster has been talked about a lot this season and is paying dividends.

    The first XI is bouncing back strongly, but Singleton admits the club and the game as a whole have yet to fully recover from the impact of the pandemic over the past two years.

    He added: “We still have issues with the transition of players from juniors to seniors and it has been a struggle across the country.

    “Our junior section is dynamic until about under 14, then we find a bit of a gap.

    “The transition from T20s to 40s or 50s cricket at senior level is never easy and when young players have lost a year or two of cricket it can be difficult.”

    But in addition to Atiq, the club also hit the jackpot with the recruitment of Australian Zac Corcoran as a foreign amateur.

    Singleton said of the league’s top wicket-taker (with 34): “Zac had never been overseas before and just wanted to come and play cricket and broaden his horizons.

    “We’ve had a few pros from his club (Ringwood in Melbourne) before and they’ve told Zac that Fleetwood is a good place to come.

    “It’s still early days, although we couldn’t have had a better start and it’s a big game for both clubs tomorrow.”

    Morecambe have been beaten twice and captain Alex Briggs is not entirely happy with their departure, although he hopes to upset Fleetwood.

    Briggs told our sister Morecambe Visitor: “If we can’t get up for this game then I don’t know when we can.

    They had a great start, but I don’t think they are world champions by any stretch of the imagination.

    “They haven’t really been put under pressure but I think they have a very good bowling unit.”

    Northern Premier League (12.30pm): St Annes v Lancaster, Longridge v Blackpool.

    Liverpool Competition First Division (12.0): Lytham v Northop Hall (Birkenhead Park 2 v Lytham 2, 12.45).

    Moore and Smalley Palace Shield Premier Division (1.0): Fleetwood v Morecambe, Great Eccleston v Penwortham, Euxton v Kirkham and Wesham, Preston v Thornton Cleveleys.

    Division 1A (1.0): Fylde v BAC/EE Preston

    Division 1B (1.0): Blackpool 2 v Netherfield 2, Thornton Cleveleys 2 v Longridge 2, Garstang 2 v Fleetwood 2, Morecambe 2 v Great Eccleston 2

    Division 2 (1.0): Wrea Green v St Annes 2, Norcross v Whittingham & Goosnargh.