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For starters, it’s ageist – making fun of a group of old men; sexist – where were the women in dad’s army? Taking a menopause leave? Classist – the languid, upper-class Sergeant Wilson revolves around the pompous, middle-class Captain Mainwaring – “Do you really think that’s wise, sir?”

It’s anti-Scottish – look at Private James Frazer. “We are doomed. Condemned!

It’s anti-idiot – why was Private Pike constantly chided “You stupid boy!” It’s anti-German – OK, we were at war with them, but what about inclusiveness? It’s anti-women – Elizabeth Mainwaring is never seen on screen but her husband does everything possible to avoid it. It’s – oh, I can’t go on. It’s totally awesome and my grandfather happened to be in the Home Guard. As for today’s snowflakes, they certainly don’t like them.

As for the difference between what’s acceptable then and now, who’s to think that we live in a kinder, more tolerant society today than in the 1960s and 1970s when the show was made? Sure, there were programs that should never have come near our TV screens, like The Black And White Minstrel Show, but that’s not a modern opinion – a lot of people have said that to l ‘era.

It was also an era that produced some really funny comedies, including Fawlty Towers, which also fell victim to modern-day puritans and the utterly sublime

Porridge. Porridge, by the way, is a very good example of what happens when you have certain standards of behavior and cannot use foul language on the TV screen. This program coined the phrase “naff off” because the show’s creators knew they couldn’t water down the way the prisoners spoke, but they also couldn’t use the words the inmates would actually use. The result: terribly funny dialogue, unlike today, where anyone can use the language of their choice.

Dad’s Army, like the original Home Guard, represents all that is best in this country: total patriotism combined with an inability to take itself too seriously. Today’s culture warriors should be strapped down and made to watch it on repeat until they finally get it into their thick heads that the world doesn’t revolve around them. And, because attitudes have changed in so many ways over the decades, doesn’t that also mean that past generations were the sexist and racist dinosaurs they seem to think they are.

One of the early episodes contained an incident in which the men thought the Germans had invaded and they tried to delay the advancing Wehrmacht to give the real army time to attract reinforcements. “That will probably be our end, but we are ready for this, aren’t we, men?” said Captain Mainwaring. “Of course,” Frazer replies.

Could snowflake generation match this.


The crown is a big turning point for Joanna

LADY Joanna Lumley is already a national treasure, the second tallest living English woman in the world (after the Queen), a brick, a good kind, a savior of Gurkhas and the only woman under the sun who could take that haircut in The New Avengers, and now she’s managed to get even better.

She can’t watch The Crown, she said, because she knows the different Royals involved “and I know that’s not how they talk or what they said or did? is pretty awful.”

Joanna is already a queen so we can’t reward her that way. Maybe she should be our next queen?


“Condescending”… Sadiq announces menopause leave for town hall staff

THE REPTILIAN The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has just announced that City Hall staff will be allowed to take ‘menopause leave’.

What condescending and stupid nonsense.

Women are not delicate little flowers that need to be protected from the big, bad world – and any woman foolish enough to take advantage of that deserves the career meltdown that will almost certainly follow.


Apologies from the Sturgeon Witches

NICOLA Sturgeon just apologized to the witches – you know, the women who were burned at the stake 400 years ago. What about apologizing to women who are still alive and furious at seeing their rights violated to appease a tiny minority of trans activists?


Anxiety… in dogs

IT’S NOT ENOUGH that the whole country seems to claim to suffer from mental health issues: Now, a new survey indicates that three-quarters of pet dogs feel anxious and depressed. Have these people ever met a dog? Throw a stick and watch what happens. It doesn’t sound terribly depressive.


State funeral reserved for world leaders

I COULD NEVER understand why Elizabeth Hurley seemed to favor the somewhat Neanderthal Shane Warne over her sophisticated ex-husband Arun Nayar, but the cricketer must have had something going for him considering Liz and her son have been rave reviews in their praise. Just like his ex-wife Simone Callahan.

But even so, the state funeral suggestions seem a bit OTT. It would be like rewarding Baron Botham, Ian as he was, something equal to Sir Winston Churchill.

Will no rotation justify this?


John Bercow banned from Parliament for life? What a pity…

A REPORT which revealed the full extent of ex-President John Bercow’s wicked bullying behavior led to him being banned from Parliament for life and therefore denied a peerage. Oh dear. What a pity. No matter. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.


‘Woke’ Brighton has the highest percentage of snorers

APPEARENTLY a higher percentage of people snore in Brighton than anywhere else in the country. And I thought it was the awakened capital of Great Britain! Geddit? Oh do you enjoy…


UK-based Royals praise Queen… not a peek from USA

PRINCE Charles, Camilla, William and Kate have all congratulated the Queen on Instagram to mark International Women’s Day. Curiously, not a word from California. What a surprise.

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