Burnley Wood Community Center is appealing for winter donations

A team of Burnley volunteers are helping people living in poverty stay warm this winter.

Burnley Wood Community Group in partnership with Calico (BWCC) is collecting blankets, sleeping bags and warm winter clothing such as hats, gloves and dressing gowns for the Burnley community who need support this winter .

Volunteers are appealing to the local community to donate to help those struggling with rising heating bills.

Joanne Morris, a volunteer who runs the activities of the community groups, said: “We’re really struggling right now to get anyone to listen to us.

“Where we are in the community center we are classed as one of the most deprived areas of Burnley so the aim of the center is to try and offer as much as we can for free and basically help the community as best we can with as little cost.

“So last Christmas I did a toy drive and I got everybody’s toys that they didn’t want anymore and put them all in the main room, and I just opened the doors a few weeks before Christmas and I let everyone help themselves.

“So our goal is to try to help the community and that’s why we’re asking for clothing donations.

“Since the pandemic everyone has been struggling so that was the main focus and now with the bills going up whatever we can try to do at the center to help.

“I’ve been collecting school uniforms during school holidays to help families too, and we’re letting people know where support can be.

“I’m alone with a disabled child and we’re feeling the cost of living crisis ourselves, so we know there’s bigger issues in that area and they’re all going to struggle to pay the bills. electricity and gas like this.

“A lot of people are struggling, we’re hoping to get some blankets. Sleeping bags, dressing gowns, coats, thick coats, anything that’s going to help cut the bills for Burnley families a bit.”

Residents can drop off donations at the community center or contact Joanne on 07761 815419.

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