Burnley woman loses more than six stone to land in Slimming World competition semi-final

Georgina Beveridge (49) has been voted to represent her band Burnley in the Slimming World’s Woman of the Year 2022 contest after losing a life-changing 7.5lb 6th.

Georgina was one of 37 women from the UK and Ireland vying for the overall title after dropping from 17th at 6lbs to 10th at 12.5lbs.

She said: “Before joining Slimming World, losing weight felt like an uphill struggle. I felt embarrassed all the time and got out of breath doing the simplest things and although I was desperate to do something about it I had almost resigned myself to the fact that I would always be overweight and unhappy.

Georgina Beveridge has landed in the semi-finals of the Slimming World’s Woman of the Year 2022 contest.

“The group really made me feel welcome from the first day I joined. Ultimately, when I was at my lowest, it was a place where I felt safe, included and free to live. My consultant Sophie was amazing and really helped me believe in myself and stay motivated too.

“At the beginning of my journey, if you had told me that I would represent my group in the finals of the Slimming World Woman of the Year competition, feeling what I feel, I would have laughed. I still can’t seem to believe this is my reality. My spouse and I were due to get married this year but everything was delayed due to the pandemic. Now that I am over 6 years younger, I am looking forward to it more than ever. shopping for wedding dresses I envision a better, happier and healthier future and I am ready to grasp life with both hands.

“The best thing is that I’m convinced that I’ve taken on new healthy habits that will stay with me, like filling my plate with lots of vegetables and cooking without too many added oils and fats. These new habits have allowed me to Finally gaining control of my weight and regaining the confidence I’ve been missing for all these years – it doesn’t feel like an uphill struggle anymore.

“With my regained confidence, I started thinking about ways to become more active and took bootcamp classes at my local gym and a weekly 5K Parkrun.”

Georgina Beveridge, before dropping 6th 7.5 lbs.

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