Burnley Company Jumps At Chance To Help Equine Charity

CUBE HR staff with their HAPPA foal
CUBE HR staff with their HAPPA foal

CUBE HR, a human resources consulting company, makes monthly contributions to help care for a foal whose mother has found herself in the most appalling living conditions.

The colt, who is cared for at Shores Hey Farm, was given the name HAPPA Cube in recognition of the “second chance” the company gave him.

Staff will now be able to follow Little Cube’s progress throughout her rehabilitation by receiving email blogs, regular updates and free access to the farm at all times.

Claire Thwaite, Head of Human Resources at CUBE HR, said: “We are already proud to work with HAPPA in a professional capacity, so when we learned about the opportunity to sponsor a horse, we jumped at the chance, we are horse lovers anyway and knowing we were able to give a horse a second chance at a good life means so much to us.

“We look forward to bringing our families to meet HAPPA Cube and see it grow and develop under the loving hands of the HAPPA team.”

Laura Brown, Head of Revenue Generation at HAPPA, said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome CUBE HR aboard as our first corporate sponsors and we hope this will be just the start of local businesses that seek to support the charity, to continue the vital work we do throughout Lancashire and beyond.

“I would just like to say thank you to everyone at CUBE HR.”

Sponsorship packages are available on the charity’s website www.happa.org.uk/corporatesponsorship.

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