Blackpool’s Comedy Carpet continues to be damaged by skateboarders and the council are fed up

Skateboarders damage Blackpool’s £2.6million comedy carpet using the public artwork as a backdrop for their tricks and turns.

Responding to questions about the maintenance of the attraction on Tower Festival Headland, council regeneration manager Alan Cavill said the actions of the skateboarders had caused scratches to the granite surface.

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But he told a meeting of the council’s Tourism, Economy and Communities Review Committee that the clean-up process, which was recently undertaken, had removed all the scratches.

Mr Cavill said: ‘The tiles are about eight inches thick and the letters run through them, so when we clean them they remove the scratches. The skateboard causes damage and we try to enforce it. But as soon as we get one batch, another batch comes.

He said the Comedy Carpet gets deep cleaned about every five years. The carpet, which opened in 2011, was recently hosed down by commercial cleaning service HLS Cleaning in preparation for the 2022 tourist season.

The job took a day with four men using three steam jet washers to restore the 1,880 square meter carpet to its former glory.

The works are being funded through the government’s Welcome Back Fund, which is helping to facilitate post-pandemic tourism recovery in Blackpool.

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