Blackpool Victoria Hospital poison conspiracy investigation continues three years after whistleblower sounded the alarm – with seven victims reported, seven medics arrested and a derivative murder investigation launched

Seven hospital workers remain on bail after being arrested and questioned on suspicion of giving people in the stroke unit prescription drugs only to keep them sedated at night.

A spin-off investigation – triggered when an autopsy performed on stroke unit patient Valerie Kneale revealed that she had died from bleeding from horrific vaginal wounds that had nothing to do with it. to see with his treatment – saw a doctor arrested on suspicion of murder, two rapes, and a sexual assault on a colleague.

He remains free on bail but, like the other seven, is suspended from his job.

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Blackpool Victoria Hospital

While a source from Vic expressed the belief that the long-standing investigation should be concluded early next year, Lancashire Police said “both investigations remain ongoing” – without “any updates major “is not offered.

Detectives have remained largely silent throughout their investigations, which began in November 2018 after a whistleblower sounded the alarm.

But they believe medics received widely used Zopiclone and asked resort coroner Alan Wilson to review eight deaths after ordering a “number” of autopsies to be performed.

A grieving girl was ordered to call off her father’s funeral so that tests could be done on his body, and said: “I don’t wish this on my worst enemy.”

Valerie Kneale

Valerie Kneale, 75, was admitted to hospital after a stroke and, after breaking her leg falling from a chair, died four days later on November 16, 2018.

His death was publicly declared suspicious by the murder squad the following February, when his family said: “We are completely and utterly devastated and heartbroken.

“Val was the most precious wife, mother and grandmother.”

Upon opening his investigation, Wilson said she died of internal and external bleeding caused by a non-medical “vaginal laceration or tear”.

Zopiclone, the drug feared to have given to patients

He adjourned the hearing until the criminal investigation – and other legal proceedings – were completed.

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