Blackpool Pleasure Beach Proposal As Man Asks ‘Big One’

The old saying goes that love is a roller coaster – but that’s literally the case with a man from Leeds who asked his partner to marry him on one of the world’s most infamous roller coasters.

Jamie Scrutton, from Leeds, decided to ask about the ‘Big One’ at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

The 32-year-old visits the city every year around Halloween time to enjoy the spooky celebrations, but this year is very special.

After thinking about the idea for a while, he decides to choose a place that is very dear to him to offer it to his partner, Marc Hartley, 55, 20 months old for the weekend.

Marc and Jamie have been together for around 20 months, just before the UK’s first nationwide lockdown

Jamie, a poet and performance artist, said: “I have been coming here since I was very young and Blackpool Pleasure Beach is an absolute treasure.

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“I have a lot of treasured memories here and I chose this ride because I’m a bit of a thrill-seeker and it was the first major ride I ever rode with my dad.

“I contacted the wonderful team at Pleasure Beach and Director of Operations Andy Hygate and let them know my idea and they were more than happy to help.”

The couple met just before the lockdown last year when Jamie was working at the Leeds Playhouse ticket office. He had actually tried to swap his shift that day, but had failed and had to.

Marc Hartley said
Marc Hartley says “yes” to Jamie’s marriage proposal on the “Big One” roller coaster

Marc was working at Leeds City College at the time across the road and came to buy Jamie tickets and the rest was history.

They lived together for a short time during the lockdown, but now live separately in Leeds and Huddersfield again.

Jamie knew it was the right time and with the help of the team at Blackpool Pleasure Beach his special moment was going to become a reality.

On Saturday October 30, he boarded the ride with his friend Danny while his other friend Ali brought Marc to the train as he came to the end of the track.

COO Andy had left a teddy bear and prosecco there for the highlight and in front of a crowd of spectators, Marc was brought into the car where he said “yes”.

Jamie said: “Marc doesn’t like roller coasters but that day we had been shopping which he likes to do so I thought I would ride the roller coaster myself and that I would meet him at the end.

“I thought it was pretty symbolic to have been on this journey of ups and downs and now I meet Marc at the end.

“The day was a nice mix of our personalities and it was nice to propose to him in front of a live crowd.

Marc and Jamie are now engaged
Marc and Jamie are now engaged

“I would just like to think of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach team and Andy because they were absolutely amazing and we couldn’t have made this a reality without them.”

Marc, who works at Leeds City College to support deaf students, added: “To be honest I was very surprised when Jamie proposed. Jamie knows I don’t like roller coasters, especially” The Big One “.

“Jamie’s passion is fast shopping and when we booked our weekend in Blackpool I knew Jamie was planning to go.

“I reminded Jamie that I wouldn’t be joining him on this ride because I don’t like heights. So it was really a surprise when I was driven on the ride and sat at Jamie’s side and he quickly moved in. Of course I said yes which was very emotional for both of us.

“The staff very kindly presented us with a bottle of champagne and a very cute teddy bear with a balloon attached. The staff were really very helpful and accommodating. Many thanks to them.”

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