Blackpool lights under dim lights leading to crime

Blackpool may be famous for its Illuminations display – but the lighting in some of its side streets has been criticized for being too dim.

Now calls have been made for brighter street lighting as part of a £ 5million system upgrade.

City Councilor Gary Coleman said at a Tourism, Economy and Communities Review Committee meeting: “One of the main comments I hear is how low the street lights are at. Blackpool.

“With the savings from this system, can we turn on the lights? Better-lit streets will lead to less crime.

Councilor Gerard Walsh added: “I think the lights on the bus lines are at a high level, but on the side streets they are off.”

But Councilor Paula Burdess cautioned against turning street lights on too much in residential areas when people are trying to sleep.

She said: “We have to be mindful of crime, but at the same time, there are domestic properties where people want to sleep at night and spend night after day so that it doesn’t always have a constant light.

“So I think there is a balance that we have to find and I hope we can do it with this new light.”

Councilor Neal Brookes, a cabinet member for highways and transportation, said the new system would give the council more control over the brightness of street lights.

The council will borrow £ 4.8million for the program, which will be funded by savings expected to amount to £ 688,000 per year.

This will replace current sodium lamps with LEDs in street lights, traffic lights and bollards, traffic lights and crosswalks.

The transition, which will begin in 2022/23 and last about two years, will save energy in one year “equivalent to turning off lights for 34 years,” according to a council report.

It will also help the council in its drive to become carbon neutral by 2030 by reducing carbon emissions by eight percent.

The council could realize savings of more than £ 6million over the 20-year lifespan of the LEDs.

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