Blackpool is the perfect location for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 – it makes sense – Denise Evans

Blackpool is no stranger to glitz and glamour, with a bit of kitsch. So what could be more Blackpool than Eurovision?

Today (17 June) it was revealed that the UK could host the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023. Traditionally, the winning nation hosts the following year’s event, but the ongoing conflict in Ukraine prevents current champions from doing so.

So, after finishing second and first in the judge’s vote in this year’s contest thanks to Sam Ryder’s incredibly infectious pop song Space Man, the weird and wonderful singing contest comes to Blighty for the first time since 1998.

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There was something about this year’s contest that managed to turn the heads of even its biggest critics. Sam himself has been a major factor, with the TikToker reaching intergalactic heights over the past year, both in the music charts and in enhancing the credibility of the 66-year-old competition.

Dancers take to the restored dance floor at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom after extensive restoration work on the famous suspended parquet floor on January 25, 2022

I’m sure it’s not forbidden to perform more than once, so Sam, how about 2023? Every city in the country will say they deserve to be chosen to host the show famed for its “null points” and ’90s pop artists trying to resurrect their careers.

But I am convinced that Blackpool Tower Ballroom is made to host Eurovision. I can see Sam, now, with his glorious golden lock flowing behind him as he launched into his guitar solo in the center of this magnificent building.

“It’s not big enough” I hear you yelling at me through your phone. Well, I thought about that too. Who said the show had to be performed in one place? Blackpool has suitable venues ready and waiting.

UK's Sam Ryder sang
UK’s Sam Ryder sang ‘Space Man’ at Eurovision 2022

Hey, you could have Finland playing their set while riding The Big One at Pleasure Beach; Germany on the beach in front of the tower or Sweden on stage at the historic opera house inside the Winter Gardens.

To imagine. Millions could tune in to see Blackpool in the spotlight. There are also plenty of places for artists to stay, which brings in a lot of money to the economy.

Artists can have fun between rehearsals by taking advantage of the attractions available. They can venture to casinos, cabaret shows, arcades, theaters, the three piers and theme parks.

Blackpool Tower as beacon of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee
Blackpool Tower as beacon of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The BBC will be the host broadcaster, with Rylan Clark, Graham Norton and co set to open the show from the top of the tower. They also already have strong ties to the seaside resort, with Strictly Come Dancing’s annual ‘Blackpool Week’ hosted at the Tower Ballroom and the broadcaster’s nearest major studios are just across the border from Lancashire at MediaCityUK in Salford.

Admit it, you agree with that idea, don’t you?

The tower could light up in the colors of the flag of the next nation to play. And these little indented videos showcasing each country could be shot across Lancashire, along the Fylde coast, as far as Preston, Lancaster Castle or as far as Pendle Hill.

I’ll just leave those thoughts with you and get back to listening to my Best of Eurovision Song Contest compilation album.

Let us know what you think in the comments below, if the thought of Eurovision coming to Blackpool mortifies or excites you.

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