Blackpool cannabis farm shut down by police

Shocking footage shows the state workers at the Lancashire cannabis factory lived in.

Images released following a drug bust in the country reveal how workers lived in cramped conditions inside the cannabis farm – with a bunk bed and a single bed squeezed into a small room with a stove and a refrigerator.

The photos were uploaded to social media after police, council officers and electrical engineers were called to a property in central Blackpool on Saturday afternoon (March 12).

Once inside, they found a large cannabis factory containing over 1,200 plants – all of which were seized.

It is clear that those tending to the plants had remained in the premises, although no one was present when the authorities entered.

A spokesperson said: ‘The images show some of the living conditions, electrical connections and plants. A total of 1258 plants were seized.

“There were a large number of unopened foodstuffs, 67 bags of fertilizer and other items that were recovered.

Lancashire Telegraph:

“The food has been donated to food banks and the fertilizer will be sold by the council to raise funds for the Air Ambulance.

“No one was present at the entrance to the premises and Electricity Northwest has now secured the premises.

“Blackpool Council has banned the premises and the owners will be prosecuted.”

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