Blackpool B&B owner’s firm response after guest says she was evicted

The owner of a three-star B&B in Blackpool has responded to claims he kicked a woman out of his hotel over the weekend.

The Gainsborough Hotel is located on Blackpool promenade and is owned by Nathan Hutchinson who managed the three star hotel for 22 years. On Saturday night (June 25), Jess Tulloch, 39, requested a single room but was upgraded to a double for £45.

After being faced with a list of issues including ‘cracked floor tiles’, ‘no spoons or toilet paper in the room’ and a broken power socket, Jess says she went downstairs to share of her concerns to management around 11:30 p.m. where she requested a refund. Then, she claims, she was kicked out and left “on the streets of Blackpool” until 5.30am.

Nathan Hutchinson denies Jess was kicked out, telling LancsLive she made the choice to leave, adding, “If you look for flaws, you’ll find them.”

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Jess said she returned to the Gainsborough Hotel around 10.30pm after playing bingo elsewhere. She had checked in earlier in the day, but it wasn’t until she was getting ready to go to bed that she says she noticed the “security issues”.

“In the bedroom, I took a cup of coffee that didn’t smell good. You would have thought there would be spoons on the courtesy tray. Not very good. It’s not just my room that I noticed stuff. Different walls in the hotel, the wallpaper was peeling off a bit,” she explained.

Jess photographed a power outlet that appears to have come loose as well as a cracked tile. She continued: “The owners don’t care at all about guests and what they have to say when approached. Their response is to turn people away when faced with security issues etc. “

Jess claims that after going to management around 11.30pm on Saturday night to ask for a refund, management told her to ‘get’ her things, ‘hand over’ her room key and ‘get out’.

She continues: “From midnight until around 5.30am I was on the streets of Blackpool and I’m still quite unwell. I almost had an asthma attack at 5.15am. Luckily I didn’t make it home in completely safe.

‘What I would like to see is the hotel closed by Blackpool Council as it is in clear breach of health and safety rules,’ she added.

Jess photographed the ‘cracked floor tiles’ in her bedroom bathroom at the Gainsborough Hotel

Nathan Hutchinson has run the Gainsborough Hotel in Blackpool for 22 years. He told LancsLive: “She had been in the room for nine o’clock, at midnight she said she was not happy with her room and wanted her money back. I said there was no no way there was something about a socket somewhere, she kept saying she wanted the cash and i said no, not after nine in the room.

“You want to come to stay, you can go back to bed if you want, you have a choice and she’s gone. I didn’t fire her, we don’t fire people,” he continued, “if you You don’t wanna stay, you don’t wanna stay, the choice is yours.”

Since Jess’ stay, she has posted a warning about the Gainsborough Hotel to a number of Blackpool accommodation groups on Facebook. Nathan had spotted them online and said he agreed with the majority of comments pointing out that the issues Jess was facing were “minor”.

Nathan said: “We have no problem, it’s everywhere Blackpool Accommodation [Facebook group] but it’s like, what are you complaining about? If you look for flaws, you will find flaws. We are only a three star hotel. Everything is clean, but if you start looking for flaws you will find them, you look in a five star hotel and you will find them. But you’re not complaining nine hours later, if she had come within the hour she would have collected the refund, not after nine.

“We don’t chase people away, we want business, you want people back. You don’t just kick people out at 1 p.m., she left of her own accord.”

Nathan is the owner, chef and manager of the hotel and says the Gainsborough Hotel is the second he has run in Blackpool. The family-run venue has a restaurant and public bar and caters to anyone looking for food and drink, as well as those looking for a place to stay.

He continued: “We don’t ask anyone to leave unless there’s a problem, sometimes people come in drunk and we ask them to leave, but it’s very very rare that we ask people to leave. We only take couples and families If I would have known she was going to be like this, I wouldn’t have let her in.

“If there was a water leak or something happened, we would admit our fault, but if someone complains about a teaspoon… people can believe what they want to believe, come on check our hotel and they can see for themselves.”


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