Blackpool Aldi shoppers horrified after opening steak and beer pies covered in black mold

A Blackpool dad has shared his family’s ‘horrific’ experience after claiming his 21-year-old son found food covered in black mold just days after buying it from Aldi.

Peter Mowbray, a practitioner in the operating department at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, was preparing to travel to Mallorca with his wife, Louise, last week. The festive getaway was to mark the 30th wedding anniversary as well as their first holiday without their children.

To make sure everything was running smoothly at home, he says they cooked meals for their son Bradley, 21, after shopping at Aldi on Holyoake Avenue. The couple flew from Manchester in the early hours of Tuesday morning (April 12) for a five-night getaway to Alcudia.

As they were soaking up the sun by the pool, they received a text from Bradley at his home in Blackpool – he says it was his son telling them there was mold on the expired food.

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Peter said: “It was my wife and wife’s 30th wedding anniversary and it was our first holiday without our children. It was fantastic, I work in healthcare, I work as a senior ODP and anesthesiologist in operating rooms, my wife is a teaching assistant in a school for children with learning needs.

“Our youngest son Bradley, who is 21, wanted to stay home. We booked five nights at a resort in Mallorca, Alcudia. We went early on Tuesday morning. We left precisely because, even though my son works at McDonald’s, he’s not the best cook, we asked him what he wanted, so we planned strategic meals for each day.

One of the days his parents were away, Bradley had said the pies would do, so mum Louise bought a pack of two Steak & Craft Ale pies from Aldi’s “Specially Selected” range, priced in £1.89 line. They also bought Aldi’s Crestwood Tikka Chicken Slices, priced at £1.49 for a pack of two.

Peter’s son Bradley found black mold on his Aldi’s Finest pies

Peter said: “Now the best range of pies, you would expect them to be of the highest quality. But my son sent me a picture not only of that (the best pies) but also of other pies we had bought two days before.

“One had green mould, but what worried me was that the best range of pies had black mould… I immediately called Aldi in Blackpool from my deck chair in Mallorca. J I was put in touch with this lady who listened to what I had to say.She offered me £5.

Peter said LancsLive that he was not looking for a refund of his money, but rather that he wanted them to recognize the disturbing presence of black mold on the food. He added: “I said it wasn’t about the money, it was about health and safety, obviously black mold is a concern…Both articles were up to date but it’s was black mold and it was all over the article.

“If someone had partial vision and opened those pies, reheated them and baked them, they could have gotten sick from it.”

He added: “They asked me what I wanted in all of this and I said I didn’t want any money, I’m in Spain, my son doesn’t have his lunch, he doesn’t have transportation, if you just send the items to him, we’ll leave them there.”

Peter said the member of staff he spoke to told him it would not be possible to accommodate his request – which Peter thinks other shops could have done. He said he felt ‘annoyed’ that ‘they weren’t willing to go the extra mile for a customer’.

He added: “All they wanted to do was give me a £5 voucher… I said I don’t think you listen to me or my concerns, I’m really worried about my health people about it.”

Peter and his wife Louise on a plane to Mallorca
Peter Mowbray and his wife Louise had traveled to Mallorca to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, the food they had left for their son Bradley was opened and found ‘covered in black mould’

Peter claims he was denied the chance to speak to a Blackpool store manager and says he was told there was ‘nothing more’ they could do than letting him receive the £5 voucher. Peter then took to Twitter to try to discuss the matter further with Aldi’s online customer services.

The family had hoped to get Bradley some easy-to-prepare meals while they enjoyed their birthday. Their stores consisted mostly of microwave meals and “things that young people can cook easily,” Peter said. He added that they had “never had any problems” before.

“These items have not been opened at all, they have all been stored and refrigerated, and we are both very thorough,” he added.

Two slices of chicken tikka with mold on them
Pies were both sealed and up to date despite evident mold growth

The Chicken Tikka Slices and Steak & Crafe Ale Pies were up to date when Peter took to Twitter on Saturday April 16 to pursue his complaint.

“Even if they’re a bit later in their best-before or best-before date, you shouldn’t expect food products to really do that,” Peter added, “It’s terrible, it’s not not acceptable.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “Although very rare, incidents like this can occasionally occur if the packaging is damaged at any time before the product is consumed, as the contents may be exposed to We apologized for any inconvenience this may have caused and offered him and Mr. Mowbray a full refund on both products.

It is also believed to be an isolated incident. No other complaints have been received by Aldi regarding these products.

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