Blackburn Rovers supporters make Blackpool an unforgettable experience despite defeat

Under the Bloomfield Road grandstand are two small Community Trust rooms, outfitted with orange plastic seats, tables, a projector and a commercial pie warmer.

As I indulged in a plastic coffee mug, procrastinating in front of my laptop screen, I had completely forgotten that the press area would be located in the middle of the far end.

My last visit to Blackpool was the preseason friendly last August, an occasion I fondly remember as Storm Francis wreaked havoc in the coastal areas and Tony Mowbray spoke of his determination to bring “a man At the football club. This “man” would end up being Daniel Ayala.

It was also the friendly match where Ben Brereton scored twice; any mention of Chile would then be a reference to the weather. Anyway, I went on a tangent but I will always remember this game for the reason it was played behind closed doors. By this point, I had started to get used to empty stadiums being normal. I can’t even begin to describe how refreshing it was to see supporters present once again.

So when I got out of that narrow tunnel running parallel to the center line 20 minutes before kick-off, I was a little surprised to see groups of supporters conversing with stewards, asking them where their seat is and where they should be heading.

Since I have been a dedicated 20-month press box season pass holder, you can sometimes miss the freedom to be a supporter. Yes I might not have to pay for the entree and yes I have access to unlimited caffeine and a few pies but when you are a supporter urge your team there cannot be for better feeling and a prospect press – certainly for me – it can be hard to get carried away by all the emotions.

Sometimes your dedication is rewarded, on other outings it can feel like a lost trip. Saturday’s loss to Blackpool falls into the ‘to forget’ category from a football point of view, but I’ve seen many others take advantage of their day for various circumstances, whether it’s spending time with their families, reconnecting with friends or drinking large amounts of alcohol. consumes.

For me, sitting in a press room sandwiched between the traveling contingent of Rovers supporters, it gave me a sense of belonging. The Blackpool media team perched me on the first half of Row F, forward exposed to the odd Rovers Chat contributor pestering me (sorry Ryan and Luke).

Since everyone was on their feet and I had to sit down to work, I only saw clips of the two goals conceded – Thomas Kaminski’s bright green jersey for the first, Jerry Yates header for the second. . Whether you think I’m lucky or unlucky, I’ll let you decide. The former steward, doing his best to keep the supporters away from the stairs, finished the half with his back in line with my face and that was enough for me to decide to move during the break.

If you needed a 2-0 halftime mood review, before I had a chance to shut my laptop down, a young fan came by and said, “I’ve got a report. for you – f **** ** s ***. Briefly revised.

The second half I backed off with a much better view of the competition and the Rovers cheered on their supporters after a languid first half. The atmosphere up to this point had been electric, but an air of expectation engulfed the traveling contingent and Bloomfield Road erupted as Ben Brereton scored his 10th goal of the campaign.

It’s the etiquette of the press to behave professionally, but there’s no wrong with a mini air punch. “DIAZ! DIAZ! DIAZ ‘crisscrossed the surrounding stands. Play again.

Every time the Rovers attacked, we had to get up to see, which I had never had to do in a press box before. It took me back to all the days before, roaming the country back and forth with friends, standing on tiptoe in anticipation of what might happen.

A resilient unit from Blackpool ensured there were no further celebrations of a great travel section, a prime disappointment hailing the final whistle, but for my part, I will not forget this match at haste.

For all the inconvenience, a press area in the middle of one end on the outside is pretty fun. I’ll email the staff at Loftus Road to see if they want to move their media section.

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