Blackburn Rovers provide prayer space for Muslim fans

Blackburn Rovers have become the first football club in the country to open their doors to local Muslims to hold their Eid prayers on the pitch.

Image via Blackburn Rovers

From: Pramod Thomas

English club Blackburn Rovers have been praised for providing a prayer space for Muslim fans at Ewood Park. The club provided access to a prayer space for Muslim fans to observe Maghrib Salaah (one of the five daily prayers of the Islamic faith) during their Carabao Cup game against Hartlepool earlier this month, according to reports.

The Championship team assigned season ticket holder Hafiz Zayd to lead the prayer at 8:55 p.m., just as the second half began.

“All adult Muslims must observe 5 obligatory prayers each day. For our Muslim supporters, we understand that observing their prayers is a necessity and we are proud to be able to put in place the necessary arrangements to provide this at any event at Ewood Park. he tweeted to explain the importance of making sure fans have a place to pray during the game.

Blackburn Rovers legend David Speedie was among those who praised the club for the move.

Speedie, who was instrumental in the club’s promotion to the Premier League in 1992, said on Twitter: “What a team, proud to play a small part in this fantastic family club.”

Football fans around the world supported the initiative.

On social media, Farhan said: “It exudes class. Massive respect for the football club! I would love to trade you to Tottenham in PL.

Mohammad Bin Hamad said: “Your wonderful attitudes towards the Muslim community and other communities in Britain make me a fan of yours because of the wonderful societal message you carry. All the best Blackburn for coming back soon in Premier League, where you are.

Ibtehaz added: “Class act, hope to see you at the top flight soon. Good luck for the new season”

Ian said: “What brilliant responses. Nothing but support for a small gesture that means a lot to people.

Earlier this year they became the first football club in the country to open their doors to local Muslims to hold their Eid prayers on the pitch, the club even provided free trips as well as food and refreshments to mark the end of Ramadan.

According to reports, the club also has a multi-faith prayer room open to all fans at all times on match day.

Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, Blackburn Rovers compete in the EFL Championship, the second tier of the English football league system.

The club was established in 1875, becoming a founding member of the Football League in 1888 and the Premier League in 1992.

In recent years, they have finished 15th (2018-2019), 11th (2019-2020), 15th (2020-2021) and 8th (2021-2022) in the Championship League.

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