Blackburn Rovers provide prayer space for Muslim fans at Ewood Park

Blackburn Rovers gave access to a prayer space for Muslim fans to watch Maghrib Salaah during their Carabao Cup game against Hartlepool earlier this week.

One of the five daily prayers of the Islamic faith, Maghrib forms a crucial part of the life of any devout Muslim, something Blackburn has recognized by providing a safe and inclusive space for prayer at Ewood Park.

The Championship side handed season ticket holder Hafiz Zayd the direction of the prayer at 8:55 p.m. – just as the second half began – and took to Twitter to explain the importance of ensuring that fans have a place to pray during the game:

“All adult Muslims must observe 5 obligatory prayers each day. For our Muslim supporters, we understand that observing their prayers is a necessity and we are proud to be able to put in place the necessary arrangements to provide this at any event in Ewood Park.

Football is a game for everyone, regardless of fan religion, and Blackburn are leading the way with their ongoing efforts to ensure that a large part of their community feels seen, heard and respected.

Earlier this year they became the first football club in the country to open their doors to local Muslims to hold their Eid prayers on the pitch – the club even provided free trips as well as food and refreshments to mark the end of Ramadan. They also have a multi-faith prayer room which is open to all fans at all times on game day.

Hats off to Blackburn for showing other clubs how it should be done.

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