Blackburn partners with Cristo Rey

CARLINVILLE – Blackburn College on Tuesday announced a new partnership with the Cristo Rey Network, a system of 37 career-focused high schools across the country.

Blackburn has become a national university partner with Cristo Rey, ensuring that all graduates of the Cristo Rey network have access to the academic, social and financial support they need to achieve a university degree.

“The alignment between the core core values ​​of the Cristo Rey Network and Blackburn College is remarkable,” said Dr Mark Biermann, President of Blackburn College. “Our common commitments to opportunity, fairness, work and excellence are a solid foundation for our common work. We see great power in the opportunity to help students through our distinctive work programs. “

Serving over 12,000 students with limited financial resources, Cristo Rey offers college preparatory academics four years of professional experience. The network partners with educators to enable students to realize their aspirations for a life of success.

Blackburn is the only college to offer a student-led work program, balancing academics with hands-on, experiential learning while creating a resume and earning a four-year degree.

Stephanie Arias, Director of Academic Initiatives for the Cristo Rey Network, said she is confident Blackburn College will provide its students “with the academic rigor and work opportunities needed to hone their professional skills and be ready for a career.”

Blackburn is the 65th university to join the network whose students are three times more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree by age 24, compared to the overall low-income American population, according to the Cristo Rey Network.

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