Blackburn College to add track athletics programs for 2022-23 season – Enquirer Democrat

Men and women will participate in indoor and outdoor medium and long distance races

Blackburn College will add two new sports teams for the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year.

The men’s and women’s track will join Blackburn’s 11 other NCAA Division III athletic programs, providing students with a greater variety of opportunities to participate in athletics.

The new track teams will compete in mid- and long-distance races in its inaugural year, both for the indoor track in winter and the outdoor track in spring.

The indoor season will include the 800 meters; mile run; 3,000 meters; and Distance Medley relay race.

During the outdoor season, events will include the 800 meters; 1,500 meters; 3,000 meter obstacle course; 5,000 meters; and 10,000 meters.

The cross country coaching staff – Al Sturgeon, Nicholas Colona and Alexandria Quarton – will also serve as the coaching staff for the track teams.

“I’m very excited to bring great sport back to our athletics department and create more opportunities for our students,” Coach Sturgeon said. “The addition of track teams for mid and long distance runners will benefit Blackburn by attracting strong runners who want to compete all year round. This will strengthen our cross-country program by allowing current team members to train and compete throughout the college year.

Marissa’s sophomore Olivia Leemon is thrilled to be able to participate in events throughout the year.

“The new track addition at Blackburn opens up incredible opportunities for athletes on campus,” she said. “Members of the cross-country team who participate will be better prepared for the fall season. It also gives students who like to race but cannot participate in the fall a chance to compete in the winter and spring seasons.

Leemon, who will captain the women’s cross country team, added: “The addition of these sports is an incredible reason to celebrate Blackburn Athletics.”

Blackburn College participates as a member of the St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletics Conference. For more information, please visit

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