Blackburn Asda rejects TikToker claims he was ‘expelled for helping the homeless’

A TikToker who said he was kicked out of a Blackburn supermarket for buying tents for the homeless has had his claims dismissed by Asda

Ryan Donaghey, who goes by the username Buzztexreports, is a TikToker who travels to Lancashire, visited the Asda store in Blackburn in the early hours of Thursday July 28.

He claimed in a video on the social media app that the manager kicked him out and “banned him as he tried to buy tents for the homeless.”

Asda, however, said Donaghey had already been banned from the supermarket before entering Thursday morning to film in the store without permission.

The TikToker spoke to its 105,000 followers in a live video after being kicked out of the supermarket.

In the video, he said, “There’s a manager who took me out of the place for buying tents for the homeless.”

Asda, which is owned by billionaire Blackburn brothers Mohsin and Zuber Issa, confirmed to the Lancashire Telegraph that was not the reason it was pulled from the store.

An Asda spokesperson said: “The customer is being banned from our Blackburn store after repeatedly filming colleagues without their consent which is why we politely asked him to leave when he attempted to enter the store.”

The Lancashire Telegraph attempted to contact Buzztexreports, but without success.

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