Blackburn and Darwen takeaways where staff did not wash their hands and no food safety training was recorded

In September, we released the latest round of food hygiene inspections and revealed that six establishments in Blackburn with Darwen had not been awarded any stars by the Food Standards Agency.

After submitting an access to information request to the board, we were successful in obtaining the inspection reports for all six sites and can now reveal exactly why these establishments received such low ratings.

Today we will deal with the last two cases; the first being Grizzlers in The Circus in Darwen and the second being Qads on Whalley New Road in Blackburn.

Grizzly bears:

Grizzlers was visited on July 29 and received an overall inspection rating of 60 out of 80 (80 being the worst score).

This was broken down into three areas, the first being food hygiene, with takeout receiving 15 out of 25 possible (25 being the worst).

Grizzlers also received 15 out of 25 for the second zone, which focused on the condition of the premises, including cleanliness.

And for the way the establishment handled its food hygiene records and training, it received a possible 30 out of 30 – which is the worst score the establishment can achieve in this area.

The Inspector noted that none of the staff washed their hands during the visit, which took place around 7.50 p.m. on July 29, and that they were also not wearing PPE or clothing. uniform.

It was also noted that all staff needed training on food hygiene and allergen risks as none of the four workers present could correctly answer questions relating to temperature control.

The report went on to say: “The microwave was dirty, the anchovies were off, the onions for the pizzas were old and tired, the cutting boards needed to be replaced, there were dirty tea towels and the toilet opened. directly on the dining room. ”

Grizzlers have been ordered to take immediate action and a second food hygiene inspection is scheduled for January 2022.

Lancashire Telegraph: Qads to Blackburn


Qads is a take out restaurant selling pizza and kebabs and was also visited on July 29 and received an overall inspection rating of 55 out of 80 (80 being the worst score).

The Qads received the worst possible score for food handling hygiene, with inspectors giving it 25 out of 25.

In terms of site conditions, including cleanliness and layout, Qads redeemed itself somewhat by scoring five out of a possible 25.

However, inspectors then handed out 25 out of 30 possible takeouts for how locals handled their food hygiene records and training.

The inspector noted that the raw lamb was stored on top of the cooked chicken, that there were no temperature readings or training readings reported, that the tables and chairs were dirty, that there was leftover food had been found in the kitchen, that the grills and fans needed cleaning and that there were cobwebs in the dry warehouse.

The inspection report stated: “The general cleanliness of the premises is poor. There were dirty pans, plates and food debris on the surfaces and floors.

“Raw meat should be separated from cooked meat and ready-to-eat foods in the refrigerator to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

“Raw lamb was seen stored on top of the cooked chicken, with flaking liquid all over the pot containing the cooked chicken.”

Qads was given a week to clean the exhaust fan and grilles, ordered to clean the cobwebs immediately, and the owner ordered food hygiene and allergen training as soon as possible.

The food standards agency revisited the property on September 13 and found that there were safer foods for better business documentation, but still with areas that needed to be completed, although no further action was taken. required.

A new request for re-inspection was ordered before December.

Both establishments have been contacted for comment, with Grizzlers saying they have made the necessary improvements and are awaiting an updated score.

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