Abusers of Burnley town center bus lanes will be fined when installing cameras

Traffic cameras are set to be deployed to catch people driving in bus lanes in a city centre, with those caught risking a £70 fine.

Lancashire County Council will apply bus restrictions only in the center of Burnley, in St James’ Street and Hammerton Street.

The bus lane is designed for traffic east of the city center and the cameras will be on in this part of town from Monday 21 November.

Any unauthorized vehicle – all vehicles except buses, bikes and carriage taxis – caught in the bus lane will be fined £70.

County Councilor Charlie Edwards, cabinet member for highways and transportation, said: “Bus lanes are a way to prioritize the use of our roads.

“In this case, they allow us to prioritize public transport, pedestrians and taxis in Burnley’s central shopping area, helping to make it safer and more attractive for everyone.

“We are already using cameras to enforce a number of places like this, which helps to ensure that everyone follows the restrictions and that they are applied consistently and fairly across the county.

“The signs for drivers are very clear and easy to follow and have been in place for some time to get people used to them.

“We don’t want anyone getting caught and we’ll be happy if we don’t make a penny from the cameras because it means people are doing the right thing.

“However, we are also giving fair warning to anyone who abuses the bus lane that they will receive a penalty if they continue to do so from November 21.”

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