A Blackpool Combat Club main event is planned for the AEW Grand Slam

After two weeks of suspension-induced excitement, intrigue and drama, AEW has officially decided who will represent the promotion in the main event of Grand Slamthe television special event set to air from Arther Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York on the next episode of dynamite: Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson.

Yep, that’s right, after facing off against Jericho Appreciation Society’s Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara respectively, Danielson and Moxley will face off in a rematch of one of the highlights of Revolution 2022, which was their fourth in-ring encounter as one-on-one opponents since their first match in 2007 for MPW. Although Blackpool Combat Club regularly boast that they train regularly and use their training sessions to sharpen each other’s iron, this is the first time the duo will fight with a title on the line, this who can change the dynamic of another. inconsequential exposure in a major way. Take into account that neither artist technically has the strap around their waist, as Moxley lost the AEW World Championship to All out at CM Punk just hours before the punch of a tricep injury and a backstage brawl threw his future with the promotion in disarray and Danielson’s alleged injury in his match against Jericho, and the prospect of an incredibly consequential title fight is a borderline guarantee.

But who will win? Will the fire of the “American Dragon” prevail? Or will Moxley’s bulldog choke prove too powerful for his longtime friend?

Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson have taken different paths in the same place in AEW.

Jon Moxley just can’t get the gold out of his mind.

Moxley has been with AEW since the very beginning. He made a surprise appearance at the original run of double or nothing in 2019, where he went out and brawled with Jericho and Kenny Omega after their main event match, and was on the first episode of dynamite also, where he memorably threw “The Cleaner” through a glass table.

Although 2022 was not to be ‘Moxley’s year’ as he was expected to focus on title runs in NJPW and GCW in addition to his place in the Blackpool Combat Club, when the disaster struck and Punk suffered a long-term foot injury that required surgery, Mox was spurred into action and did an exemplary job maintaining the fort for TK’s business. He won the interim world championship at Forbidden Doordefended him four times and finally won the big one against Punk in less than five minutes in the penultimate episode of dynamite before All out.

However, after losing the strap in All out, Mox was back in action once again as part of a championship tournament and is now one win away from becoming the first-ever four-time champion in AEW history. Given his relatively easy win over Samy Guevara in the semi-finals of the tournament to secure a place at Grand Slamthe ball looks firmly in Moxley’s court.

Bryan Danielson is finally ready for his AEW coronation.

When Danielson entered free agency, the prospects for the “American dragon” of returning to the Indies to go all-in in a final round of five-star technical matches looked like a dream come true.

Despite nine different title reigns in the company of Vince McMahon for a combined 848 days as champion, Danielson was never quite treated with the respect he deserved. His biggest storyline was being called a B+ player, and even when the Yes movement was in full swing, he had to fight for whatever he earned due to his size and unusual habits – the eco championship, that you say? – in front of his peers.

Since joining AEW, however, Danielson has been booked as an absolute star. Although he didn’t win the big game, he looked good in every game he appeared in, went to the limit with multiple champions and even helped make Daniel Garcia a national star instead of a national star. an independent darling. Although Danielson could very well have sustained a shooting foot injury in his match with Jericho as he maintained a limp throughout the game after the point, if there is an artist who will come through an injury to produce a hard drive of all time. -hit slugfest for the ages, it’s the “American Dragon”.

Need proof? Look no further than the match where Danielson and Roderick Strong tried to put the Young Bucks in PWG in beat the brothers to absolute mush. Swap Nick and Matt Jackson for Jon “Freakin” Moxley, and fans could be lining up for a record holder.

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