28 scintillating scenes that celebrate the best of Miss Blackpool – the empowerment of women across a generation in the 90s and 00s

They capture precious memories of joy and elation, but it was never an easy process. It took heat after heat of auditions to clinch a coveted place in the grand final – it was always a tense and emotional time.

At the height of their success, Blackpool’s natural beachside location established itself as a key venue for hosting decades of beauty pageants.

Although their popularity has plummeted since the days of aspiring that attracted hundreds of entrants, contests are still going strong, acting as stepping stones to launch careers with a shift from simply who is the prettiest to celebrating accomplishment. personal.

Just like our Lionesses did on the football pitch on Sunday, winning the Euros – Miss Blackpool, Miss Great Britain and other beauty pageants continue to empower women to look their best. better.

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