Impact of savings tax reform

The estate tax is avoided by changing the tax residence to Madrid.
Assuming that a person’s income consists only of capital income, is it worth it to change the tax residence to another European country?

The economy of consumption was what put us in this financial mess


Increasing taxes on savers or investors is unfair and counterproductive. Taxes must be increased for those who spend badly (consumerism) or those who earn disproportionately well. That would reduce private debt, which will end up putting us in the bag with Greece, Portugal and Ireland. Increase VAT on consumer products (unnecessary or luxury); reward those who save, those who invest, those who create work and wealth.

And yes, raise taxes on the rich for what they earn or for what they do not use (abandoned real estate and farms), not for what they have invested or producing.

Very interesting, I will keep it in favorites … now we just need to know how much the increase in personal income tax will mean
A query: If you have money in a bank account and generate interest exceeding USD 24,000, does the bank retain 21%? But then we will have to pay the difference up to 27%, when we make the income statement ????

What does not seem fair to me is that if all Spaniards are equal, it is possible that some communities pay patrimony and others do not.

Revenue of USD 600,000 per year is not obtained from one’s own work

Revenue of USD 600,000 per year is not obtained from one

But from the work of others . The qualifier that I reserve for this situation is not precisely that of heroicity. Robo is getting closer.

At least in my area, the people I know with greater intelligence and training earn less than the twentieth of that amount (a teleco engineer in a career award, a CSIC researcher, a professor, a medical department head …). I do not believe that anyone who wins those figures has the capabilities of these people, nor contributes so much to society or their company.

This society does not reward the skill, but the property. And belonging to an economic aristocracy that gives access to capital and the positions that are paid with those figures. More clearly: it is not because of their personal worth, but because of the uterus they left. And that is not heroic, but random.

The reality you can live is not always everyone’s


My father-in-law, salaried and allergic to any scams, has just rescued from the retirement plan, 300,000 euros. Taking account, if you have been earning 70,000 euros, you have been able to save it at a rate of 20,000 euros in 15 years. That plus what you will have saved out of the pension plan.
Of course, it is one of the best professionals in its sector.

His daughter, another allergic to any scam no matter how small, earns 55,000 euros a year working in a center similar to CSIC. Of course, she is a world expert in her area of ​​work.
The two are almost as red as you and fight for their salary. But they are also austere, live normally and spend little. And in the end they save.
With this I do not say that this type of person is an endangered species, but for now, they exist.